I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

Become The Ultimate Mediator

Acquire the sleight of hand to leverage dominance in any communication scenario.

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The warm-touch, the soft voice, the kind stare, the peaceful smile — what do all of these have in common? Well firstly, all four of them are a part of something I call delicate etiquette.

I know right!?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Manners maketh Man?” I’m sure you might have seen the movie called “The Kingsmen.

People who pride upon their gentleness as well as their male bravado. Aren’t they just sweet and attractive at the same time?

Bold but not brash, Confident but also courteous — The best of both worlds.

All of us regardless of our attire desire to be noticed. Even if we don’t initially want attention, we always aspire to it from those that we want in our lives. …

In 203 Days

Table of Contents (Updated Daily)

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After writing consecutively on medium day in & day out, I have been able to write about a myriad of topics, & subjects through the experiences I have either lived or persisted through. I decided to use this given time in this pandemic to write about them in ample detail.

This time has given me the opportunity to explore life, and write about my experiences eloquently and share them with the world. I hope my words are able to connect with anyone who reads them! …

Humour | Education

And if you’re still in school, this is your year! 😜

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One subject to rule them all. Laugh a lot, a good sense of humor almost cures all of life’s ills. Enjoy the memes!

1. Attending Class on time is not a logical move.

With answers, that manifest the subject of human kindness in a newer light helping you become your best self.

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We all need, want, & desire warmth. We seek kindness wherever it may lie. We search for it endlessly in our modern world.

Kindness is the act or state of being kind whether to one’s self or the people around us. Kindness helps build virtue and a resolute resolve towards spreading joy.

It is the bridge that connects people, beings together in an umbrella of harmony and care.

Kindness begets kindness, and love begets love.

To become kind is to become resilient in the face of life’s hardships with a spirit-filled with a zest that never rests. Though, it can take years for a person to develop kindness of which they are emotionally and psychologically autonomous through bearing hardships. …

Family | Perspective

Be the empathetic facilitator who coaches them to champion their dreams.

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When I was young, my father would every day spent his night time with me watching my favourite T.V shows and finishing the night off by playing our favourite video games.

It was a time filled with the most joy.

Things were so simple back then, life wasn’t clouded with darkness and gloom. And I never really knew about what went bump in the night.

Our childhoods are filled with these simple moments. Places where we are allowed to fully embrace joy. My father like many others on the block would play an active role in our lives. …

Gifts | Relationships

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“Surprise” — it was perhaps the first thing I said to my friend when I jumped his house wall to drop unexpectedly on his birthday.

Among other things, I had bought a small gift from a nearby gift shop. The world had gone into a global lockdown. And people’s spirits were at their lowest.

And no friend should celebrate their birthday without a cake, alone.

So I did what had to be done, I rushed towards my friend's aide.

And you can guess it, he was shocked.

There are three main reasons why I did what I did.

  • Firstly, I knew he would be left alone. …

A short story on misled choices

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We all make mistakes and sometimes we blind ourselves. We tend to forget about the people in our life. The ones who matter, the ones who wait.

For we are lost in our selfish ways. We abandon them in their weighted moments. Why does this happen so often?

It is something I contemplate. As I lay waiting in my humble abode, with sheets wet with tears, and blood running down my nose.

My head feels tight, and my heart feels heavy. My soul is crying, and my hope is disappearing. Depression and sadness loom around my room.

My house is filled with desolate screams. I see apparitions everywhere I go. Is there anyone who sees them too? Hey you, yes you do you know it too? …

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My grandmother’s brother was a fine lad. He was quirky, charming and bold as my grandmama once described him. He was just around 8 but to my grandmama; her brother was the morning star that shone the brightest.

I visited his grave after 4 years. He has been dead for almost a century. I remember the place, where he was buried. It was a small cemetery. Now there is a pathway built on it more than 100 years later, there is no one to remember him by, but their sibling who remembered them as a child. …

From hard knuckles to family jewels: A tale of love and loss for words.

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They say, “Bullies never expect resistance.”

Well, they are right on that one. From a young age, I have known bullies to be this mentally challenged kid who just wouldn’t stop at taking a piece.

A piece of me, myself and I.

Especially when it came to me. They’d just want to spread their hands all over me and watch me squirm with panic.

Of course, they’d want to showcase their brute strength to a kid who doesn’t want to fight. I never took pride in fights from a young age.

But when push came to shove, I did what every boy with a temper would do. …

Secret Sauce To Success 101

No one knows it because no one ever tried failing to find it out.

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College like any other school is hard with those plastered walls filled with hustle and bustle like the busy bazaars of Morroco. It’s fun, arduous and highly unlikely exciting. Most students in college come with dreams, to get that fancy car or that fancy house or high paying job or to get married to the girl they like and vice-versa.

College is known to be the home ground where budding undergrads learn to build their future, and accomplish their dream.

But there is a dark reason, why many after they graduate become hopeless about what they want to do in life. …

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