Remote work is here to stay.

There’s More Opportunity Today in the World Than It Was Pre-COVID

Sorry Not Sorry; Luddites & Corporate Simps

Riku Arikiri
2 min readFeb 21, 2023


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I’ve been reading so much negative flack about remote work. That is sickening to know that people living in modern times. They’re unable to run with the times, even though they pretend to.

That’s why I’ve turned off the T.V. & Social Media.

Peace at last, but wait…

The job market is not flawed.

You are.

People either don’t know how to frame their job experience.

Don’t research about the ATS, or have bloated expectations for less work and more pay.

Businesses aren’t your friends or family.

Even though you’re giving the speech in startups.

Every corporation has an agenda. If you can’t meet that, or become an essential cog that runs it.

Or moves that forward. You will be made redundant.

That’s about it.

People serving Google for 15 Years on end. If you see clearly and analyze their current roles; they serve no value to Google and its constituents.

Most layoffs are like that. But then again, there are some that are uncalled for as well.

The problem however is that people who’ve been disciplined from a young age believe a single story.

They’re unable to ever adapt to a holistic worldview.

The world has changed. Remote work has arrived.

It was always here.

You were just too blind to see it past your cubicles.



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