You’re a strong woman, a tough cookie! Never crumble, never fret! What you have in your power is perseverance, time does tell. I know it can leave you aimless in sheer despair, the solitude kills you within and you wonder in sudden moments of agony at night, when those little pearly tears fall from your eyes in those murky nights, where you just might feel so miserable. But i can say this, it might get better. The key is to accept, i know this advice might be a hard pill to swallow at first. Acceptance of one’s situation is hard, and making peace with everything is even harder. It is not a task that one can traverse upon, it takes years and might even take decades; but i know you have made the journey and you have it in you. You’re wise Gurpreet, the people in your life might have not seen your value but i do and there are hundreds more to come that will tell you that you aren’t weak or insignificant. You are just one of few, maybe some who have seen what the world can be; a cruel abusive state that never seems to end. Take on these struggles, one thing i have learned in life is that i challenge fate to bring it on,

“throw whatever she can throw at me, and i’ll take it” — so far i have persevered and well there have been times i have been baffled by the things one can endure in life. You can endure it too, i know you can. You have all the qualities one needs to persevere. Sometimes, we might feel why are we so unlucky! Why does God even do this to us, well to be fair i have always felt it’s the people around us who need to take a clue that they are responsible for their actions.

There is someone waiting on the end of this journey, that person is waiting for you; your better self the one who will be borne out of the hardships you face. Perhaps your journey hasn’t ended yet, trust me there is someone who waits; they always do. Live through, live well. There is much hope in this world to live on, we might not receive love, affection but the ones who can love us the most is but ourselves.

We can’t change the nature of men, and women; unless they realize it themselves.

There is a whole other world of wonder that awaits you Gurpreet. Your experiences define you but don’t let them become your ruin. The world might be cruel, but it is a lot many things, an advice from an old joe; it is a lot many things in between.

Coming to the subject of abuse, i’m really sorry about the fate that you suffered but some of us weren’t that fortunate but we persevered through didn’t we. You did too right! ❤ Don’t let people and their incessant and narcissistic tendencies rub you off! Physical violence can never be forgotten, the wounds that it causes; the mental torment is undeniably ever lasting. You can’t forget, you won’t and you shouldn’t. Instead grow from it, there is a lot of meaning and strength in one’s suffering. Find it, gain it; i’m sure you have!❤

Healing from these experiences can be an option, although this advice might seem hard, but i’d say keep on going through such struggles there in lies something really profound through all these struggles is that life is a struggle from within, and out. It will calm you one day from within, persevere!

Suffering in life; it is what it is. It’s there and will always come in different forms, some will cause us pain and some will be the end of us! but hopefully the end would seem like it there never was, i would conclude by saying that there are still many a things in life where you would need to choose, take a step back see your situations without a bias, there is a lot of lessons in your words that i have seen, and i have learnt from what you have said and what you need to learn too in time! ❤

Stay blessed, and Stay Safe! Most of all, our lives are just hard at times; it’s as simple as that but the only thing we can do is keep improvising our situations to better improve our chances of survival in this prison that sometimes becomes our life.

It is only us, that can choose to do something about it unless we let the scribe of fate decide what’s in store then a life of suffering awaits thee — Acceptance.

Kind regards, but most of all persevere 😄


It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.