Why Do We Never Talk About Sex

Love matters to me more than Sex — an exchange of sentiments towards love, understanding, and care

“Why do you never talk about sex?”

Why is that you have never talked with me about that? — she asked.

I don’t have to, I don’t need to. As I respect you to not let my relationship with you be defined by an act of lust, just because I love and care for you.

“A friend is a person who knows the melody of your heart and plays it to you when you forget it.”
- Albert Einstein

Love is something that helps us to bring out the best in others, and sometimes that seems enough for some who receive it.

For her, I gave my love that wasn’t bound by any desire.

“The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend.”
― Stephen Richards

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I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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