What it feels like for most people during this quarantine!

These days, its hard for people to stay in their homes and just relax, yeah! No, they can’t because there are so many problems everybody seems to be facing… or making it up because most people just don’t seem to getting the gist of the quarantine, but here are some issues that are common and uncommon among the masses…

Some people are enjoying the isolation by smoking their health away, inevitably these folks are the ones who are the most prone to the side effects and effects of the virus… Just my opinion, smoke weed not crack!

Here are the folks, who would get irritated when you even come close to them, or sneeze or cough due to an allergy; with their boundaries… now they’ve got an excuse to justify their weird behavior with the 6 feet apart notion.

People feel a bit irritated because of the issue “illegal firing” which is also known as downsizing. I wish people would do more research why most businesses use it, in times like this to make their financial performance more stable… they have no choice, just like you… they have to save face, sadly.

Let’s face the ugly truth, peeps!

Instead of downsizing, most businesses should have systems that sustain such crises, so that people wouldn’t lose jobs but alas who actually prepares contingencies for times like this, especially third world countries where the only contingencies is filling your own pockets with money.

What i do everyday, to deal with this lock down is sit in the sun in mornings and just relax and go to the roof top and watch the sunset… as well, it helps with building a safe space for myself where i can confine myself to something more serene and peaceful and yeah… the light does make me feel warmth!!

When going outside, wear protection and people might need to take this advice seriously now, it will definitely kill you, if you aren’t careful.

What it feels like for most people, who just fear what the lock down would bring for them,…

Then there are those who still cry about working from home, these kinds of people will never be happy… even in normal circumstances they excuse and whine about working from home and now when they get an opportunity, they whimper and whine about such a despicable issue.

For some people, it is an opportunity to build necessary skills, or learning something useful or even impractical that can be used to fit the changing times… anything can be used practically with a little intuition… and motive.

Like learning to signal someone, because you can’t necessarily talk so yeah finding innovative ways to communicate is one we should all learn

Although there might be some people, still not willing to give up their old ways… for those people have a message ready!!

try to maybe move around, it’s healthy…

In the end, you could watch anime, binge your favorite TV shows, learn a new skill, do some effective research on your favorite topic…

or just relax and have fun… and do nothing at all!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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