Well to be fair, this was definitely a beautiful piece of poetry, it gave me a lot to contemplate which i would definitely do later on, as it’s a very visualizing piece of art, does truly a good job at portraying someone who acknowledges themselves on a subliminal level.

On a personal note, I find the lady pretty alluring not by the mystery of her charms but the despair she brings that roams around her. I wonder about confining in the darkness of the lady, because I find it unsettling that why does, the lady feel that there won’t be anyone there to give her company. The people the lady is surrounded with might see her grace & beauty but never truly realize the extreme sadness that follows her around, the sense of true understanding that she yearns but never seems to get, a hope perhaps she gave up on or she lost in the darkness that she confined herself up in. The emptiness inside her self that looms around seeming as terror, isn’t something I believe is to be feared. Maybe the past experiences got the best of her, and thus her inner self doesn’t want someone to waltz back in so easily.

Perhaps, i would say the lady is despondent. It’s perfectly all right to feel that way. I believe that the lady has a lot to offer, not by the nature of her but by the misery & despair she has suffered. It shows me a lot of meaning and value that a person who has seen true despair time & time again can treasure the lady’s self.

😅I believe I kinda went into my reservoir there, but i felt it and honestly it was definitely a beautiful expressive piece of poetry! Thank you for sharing & writing it. I’m sure people who value experiences will definitely shelter and treasure this piece of poetry. ❤

Stay Blessed & Stay Safe!🕊️


It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.