Well, See the situation was definitely complicated but he never truly made a move. She liked him too, but she is naive and he is humble. She was engaged to marry her cousin, and my friend never really stood up for his feelings towards her, even after insisting him time and time again, supporting him. He still has time, but he gave up as he thought he lost the war of love.

You only lose whether you die, if you’re alive you keep fighting for the ones you love; no matter what! He lacked the resolve to do it the right way, he didn’t even try going to her family and confessing his words of affection towards her. He waited too long, way too long to say the three words… it was obvious, the calming effect in his eyes and her smile but sadly people don’t make decisions for themselves. They let other people decide their destinies. My friend is in shambles, he is depressed beyond repair. Writing depressing poetry, and spending his entire nights contemplating and wailing over the moments he spent together with her day in and day out. He approves the guilt he had when he couldn’t confess it sooner.

But overall, she hasn’t married the other dude. They still are engaged.
He still has a chance, if he can take it. He shouldn’t give up. She doesn’t even love the other guy. She knows it too. She is just with him because it is an arranged marriage. The other guy is just a prick, he doesn’t even have the decency my friend has, the affectionate response, the gait, the respect in his eyes and words. & Trust me he sacrificed and did a lot for her in the 4+ years they were friends together.
The last day, they met i took a photo of them, and you can literally see the sadness that looms around them, wanting to be together but can’t the emptiness, the gap between themselves is truly depressing.
I pray and hope everyday that my friend makes a decision so i can back up him if he does, decide to make it happen. But Alas, it’s a hope that’s also unrequited.

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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