Well said, Dear Isak! your words definitely speak of sheer experiences wrapped in a fine essence of timelessness! I believe there is another C’ to addiction i.e.

Consciousness — to become aware when something becomes normalized to the significant point, that you’re able to overcome an addiction. It does come naturally with self awareness, that sprouts from experiences that open one’s self of mind, body & spirit.

Although, regarding to gaming addictions; i would say it is more of an escape that becomes an addiction… if not properly adjusted… Video games offer, an easy access to escaping to the virtual world… where you don’t need to fear that somebody will hurt you… although bullying in games, is significantly more than bullying in real life… because of anonymity… but i believe overall people generally become conscious eventually when that means of escape loses its value or the people that gave them the opportunity to connect online, finally disconnect with the virtual world & come back to the real world!
Eventually, everybody does disconnect from addictions one way or another; maybe moving on to other things that might give them the certain highs that speaks to them!

But to a certain few, these things lose touch because in the end, what we all truly seek is a sense of companionship… or to cope up with the after effects that come with the dismissal of that goal not being accomplished… thus we move forwards in life!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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