Well, I wrote a poem in three minutes, and then proofread, edited, and posted it in the next two.

I usually have moments where it just dawns to me from the ether, and I just start writing, this happens to me, I don’t know about other people but I once wrote 30 Haiku while just jogging for a few hours in a park. It all depends on the process a writer takes to write something, some poems I have been working on for a few months or even weeks, and some I never seem to just finish. But I believe people can surprise you to what they can do when given even the smallest moments in time.

I liked your perspective on the notions of writing poetry on medium, and I empathize with the pain of classifying poetry as a “5-minute snack” niche. But in this vast advancing times, people are growing accustomed to writing and reading poetry, at times which is unrefined, as they write through their personal feelings and not following a specific writing style. That too is an art, but critiquing them would be considered as rude at times because people fear judgments and opinions and lack thereof.

But that is a subject altogether, that makes poetry such a fascinating subject if people can’t argue or discourse then what would be the purpose of writing a piece, that it doesn’t get you to start thinking!

Thank you for writing this, it was a good read indeed! I enjoyed it a lot!

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!

Riku 😄

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.