To Quit or Not to Quit; You Wish The Answer Would Reveal Itself By Now

When you’re busting all that sweat every day, you still wonder why are you struggling with the practicality of life.

Riku Arikiri
3 min readSep 6, 2022
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Stay patient.

You aren’t persevering.

You can’t give up just yet.

You’re a loser.

You incompetent piece of sh*t.

I knew you were a goner the moment I saw you.

I always knew you had it in you.


Why are you so sad?

Why am I mad?

Why do you even care?

Why should I?

Why should anyone?

I’m tired. Quite honestly bored of everything that surrounds my life these days.

I wake up, eat breakfast, take a bath, and get dressed.

Then I sit on my funky office chair and work from home. Checking my emails for any new responses from prospects I last connected with.

Any meetings I might have for the day. But also creating a checklist of tasks to accomplish. Setting the clock and I’m set.

The Daily Kick-off Starts:

My manager arrives 15 minutes late, again. Or was it to manage the delayed arrival of my teammates? I can’t remember.

I intend not to.

We discuss our numbers for the day, unlike every other day.

A repetitive case of heebie-jeebies I’d probably receive. If I saw myself doing this as a kid. Wouldn’t you?

The mundanity of it all.

Adult life… we made it.

The DKO ends. [by now you probably know what DKO means… if not, 😄]

Now usually one would work from 9 to 5. But I work as part of a diverse globally distributed team. That’s another buzzword for cultured remote teams.

When my workmates in the U.S start work at 6 or 9.

I’m working from 7 pm till 3 am.

There’s not much work if I’m being generally honest.

Whether it’s design/product/sales/marketing.

It’s all the same.

Unless you’re the programmer/network engineer/janitor/security guard.

You’re probably going to be working the long hours. I’m afraid so.

Can’t complain though. All of these roles come with significant responsibilities these days.

And the people who perform them come with their own significant challenges.

This affects their overall performance and thus results in their quality of life. It can be great for one while being absolutely horrendous for the other.

A programmer might abhor the thought of staying long nights at the desk writing/debugging code.

While the janitor sweeps floors all night listening to Everybody Dance Now by Freddie Williams. They might be enjoying it all night long.

Heck, I’ve known plenty of people in both roles enjoying it.

The Jam Keeps Me Alive

Maybe that’s the thing that’s always missing amongst it all.

Some music jam to pump up the mood.

If we think calmly about it, that’s all it takes right?

Some music to jolt the senses, kick-starting that auspicious rhythm that takes control of your body.

And you just stand up and move to the beat.

Taking a break is all it takes to remove all of that friction between your muscles.

Opening those pores as you let yourself be free of that irking tension.

It does the trick for me. It might do for you.

Or better yet if it doesn’t work for us too.

Then there’s only one thing left to do.

That is to sleep on it.

Because it’s the only tool left in my book to recommend.

Just like this little story of an article, might I fret, has made me a bit weary, but something I won’t ever regret.




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