The One Strategy That Will Improve Your Writing By A Great Percent

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Yes, you.

But let me paraphrase it into words that make it clear for you. You need to write from the heart. But formulate it with the format provided. I have read a lot of writing advice as much as I have watched anime.

Ok, I might not have read that much. But it counts. 😉

Story writing is a lot like a narrative. The reader should follow. And you need to write for the army of 1. You need to narrate for the little voice in your head reading this as I write along.

It feels like a movie it feels like a song. Yes, I took that from that song. So are you following along?

Now that I have got your undivided attention. Let me spring something up from my magical bag of wonderland’s goodies. And tell you that you are doing it all wrong.

Hey, that rhymed. Wow, well, would you look at that. How you and I are having this particular conversation? It’s like you are here with me reading as I write another song.

Perhaps a tale, and I am your bard like from the witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

Now you might be wondering what does that has to do with singing a song. Or anything for that matter, as we tread along.

Well, narrative storytelling is a great way of writing something audiences can connect with. It always has a serene ambiance to it. This puts audiences in a trance. One that keeps them on their toes, and you have their undivided attention.

Like how you and I are following each other’s notes. Are you waiting for the next sentence as I write this tale of blues filled with majestic hues?

Oh, I dearly hope I make a good impression. The effort I am putting into this intoxicating concoction. One that aims you drown its perilous snooze.

Will you wake up and break free? Or will you keep reading my moves and see where it leads?

Narrative writing is a fantastic way to write your stories. And you can use them in all forms of writing regardless of niche. I have written about most niches online. I believe having a narrative tone has its drawbacks as well.

One such that I will share, and you need to take heed. It might seem easy, but you need to believe that you need to avoid writing like what I will weave.

Because you are writing from a first-person narrative. It tends to possess a bias. And you need to be careful when summarizing your stories. As the conclusion needs to stick with the theme of the story you are writing.

It does not matter what type, as narrative writing is usually limited to a single story. This story is geared towards readers and writers who want to improve their writing. It touches the nuances of the narrator’s own emotions towards writing about self-improvement.

So if the narrator is not careful, the content can be subjected to certain biases that the character of the story mirrors. Just like in this story. Where I, the narrator, is describing this subject of writing in literary detail.

Because narration empowers the reader to voice the narration themselves.

You are reading this from your inner self. The narration itself in scripture. You are the one who gives it meaning. Who can value and understand its composition?

It is your inner voice that will guide where it leads. And that is what you need to keep in mind when you write something for an audience.

It needs to magically make them feel in control of the narrative. Like they are the ones who are visualizing it while it happens. It is a lot like life where you have no control over what life might throw at you.

It is also a narrative that you can control to a degree. When you write stories in a narrative style, it gives people to regain that control to write stories in their minds.

Because after the reader reads it, their imagination will take over.

And that is when creativity will spur. So you have to write stories that make people channel their creative spirit.

Narrative writing does that for you. It is direct, and people feel much obliged to what you want them to do. Because it creates an opportunity for them to achieve something without worry.

They can exercise themselves in a manner that is fluid rather than unwanted. And this creates a sense of amusement through your storytelling.

It leaves some speechless and many wanting for more.

Thus you need to use this technique to improve your writing style.

Merge your existing style to a narrative style. Use the words, “you” and “I” in a way that makes sense together rather than just forcing the words “you” on the reader.

Make it natural by telling a story and then create a call to action. So that it feels that you are persuading rather than forcing a narrative.

It is the only way you can become indirectly unbiased about your content that meets the reader’s expectations.

And that is how you can write stories that impact people for all the right reasons.

Thus stay safe, and write on!


i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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