The Grass isn’t greener on the other side

An excerpt that can definitely foster a change towards your perspective about life!

Aimlessness is a symptom we all can relate to when we are depressed… I mean why wouldn’t you be, it’s hard for you to live when you aren’t able to express yourself freely with anyone.. the deep sadness that you suffer from everyday is hard to endure by most people, as most people live normal lives (goals)… and you believe they can’t really relate to you in that regards(wrong).

We all want to live normal lives, but what’s normal, what are the characteristics of a normal life, it has always been on my mind.. is it compounded with the essential assets to live, i.e food, shelter, water, air, social presence, family, etc.. or is it something more spiritually kindred in nature…

We all have different ideas when it comes to living a normal life but contrasting what we mostly think about, Most people want a social life, i.e. friends, to live by, a social gathering, someone to talk to, to be there.. while some crave a more lucrative and physical approach towards a social life…

By doing so they invite unwanted moments of sadness and depression because of the fear of abandonment, or maybe even fear of putting too much faith in others that consequently hurt them in the long run, so they avoid any attachment with anyone to be on the safe side, yet dream and maybe even yearn to be with someone(can be many) but don’t want to put in the effort, as talking about it seems easier than doing and making it work; daily.

Some(most) people aspire to live a life, that is different from what they have by aspiring a life that is lived on another plane. I mean it does sound appealing but, they are too quick to give up this one, and not truly realize what they are hoping to discard in desiring something that they don’t understand. They have certain requirements and that dilutes their goal of hoping to achieve what certainly isn’t going to become a normal life.

I mean aspiring for something other than what you have, or where you live is normal, but a wake-up call!

The grass isn’t certainly greener on the other side!

Because you’d be taking all your problems with you, and that paradise will soon crumble and turn into a nightmare! and you’d be aching to run away to another one soon after. What most of us have is a mindset problem!? We can’t adapt to what we have and thus in doing so, we can’t normalize our circumstances.

Easier said than done, right! (yes) because it all depends on your choices!

It’ll become normal when you adapt to the things around you so that it begins to become casual in your daily routine, you take one problem every day and work on it carefully maybe even divide into smaller goals that you can achieve. In doing so, with this attitude you wouldn’t be phased by it or anything that comes your way.. because you will carefully plan for it, visualizing every possibility. Being cautious is always necessary, and so is being selfish where needed because you need to gain everything for you to become purely altruistic in nature… But a little selflessness here and there can go a long way, finding someone who goes through the same problems and becoming their guide will not only help you learn more about them but also yourself from another perspective.

Gaining Effective insights that can help you make your patch of land, greener instead of abandoning it for something you would never feel comfortable with is a wise choice and the best one that you will never regret! All that can be achieved with little efforts, & perseverance every day and someday you’ll probably see your plane more earthly than what you aspire elsewhere!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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