The Entry Level Designer’s Tutorial Hell is Real 😱😭

Here’s how to escape it. I think!

Riku Arikiri
4 min readJun 27, 2022


Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Tutorial hell is a cultural phenomenon that almost every newbie techie goes through when learning new things. You saw this amazing course on Coursera about Google’s UX Design Certificate. And you were like hey google just released a course with so many industry linkages hiring new designers.

I’mma do it.

Would it look good on my LinkedIn profile for that kick-ass recruiter search view? Hell Yeah! It might even make up for my lack of an academic background like those rich kids from at Stanford.

Or the shmucks from Parsons School of Expensive Digital Design that can be done using youtube. (only for people with free money to burn)

It has to be something great. You affirm to yourself because it has the world google on it.

(When in reality people in the design community critique google’s poor UX/UI on many of its products. But you wouldn’t know that. You’re just awestruck by the simplicity bias.)

You get hooked by the production quality. Bedazzled by the fancy pixels, micro-interactions, animations, and the psychological colors for the content.

You’re mesmerized by the soft-spoken quality at a certain decibel.

Something that just calms you down, and you’re hooked.

And you’ll spend the next weeks doing all the assignments but when you get down to solving a problem, you’re back to square one.

Oh, woe is me, help me, Lord!

Then you quit, and that’s the stake to your design dream job!


Well Tell Me What’s Your Magic Secret ㊙️

The solution to all your problems is design challenges. And there are no right answers when it comes to a design problem.

We choose the one that seems to make the most sense after we’ve collected the data from our tests with our primary users.

That’s why design is an ever-improving process.

Here are three magical places to help you get started on your journey.



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