The Designer’s Nightmare Are Not Engineers, It’s Greedy Decision Makers Who Lack Empathy 🤕

Don’t you ever wish products were simpler? without the cheating sales tactics.

Riku Arikiri


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The dilemma of simplicity is always there, staring at you right in the face.

Or is it that we’re always focused on building the next thing that we forget that software in its entirety is complex. Creating something layer by layer is like making a cake.

If you do not know what ingredients to use, obviously you’re going to make a terrible cake. Some things most engineers struggle with all the time.

They’re terrible chefs at making something that people actually want.

Now if you think the cake you’re making is the one that the end-user wants.

You’re so wrong. Even if you think the cake is good. The customers have never tasted it. The user who’s going to eat it doesn’t know what to expect.

In short when you do ship that piece of cake.

The user is going to spit that out.

Because your cake is a pile of sh*t.

They might not even notice it when you set it on the top shelf of your window. No amount of die-hard marketing is going to increase your chances. Even if you build a bedazzling piece of software glazed with yummy features.

Chances are the user is uninterested in the product as most people are when they go to a bakery to buy a piece of cake.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

There are just so many vendors, so many choices. So many prices, so many options.

So many colors that invoke so many emotions.

Yet we can’t still decide.

It doesn’t really matter how many stacks you use to build your product. If at the end of the day it doesn’t streamline that process that the user needs to be automated.

Your software is not going to make their life better. It has no value.

I’m not going to buy it.

No one will.



Riku Arikiri

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