The 6 Valuable Lessons I Have Learned From Hardships in Life

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Intuition — You are the sign, you have been waiting for. Make Things Happen.

If you fall ten times, you’d know where to fall even if you trip the 11th time by mistake.

We should put more faith into the people we call our friends, the more we put our trust, the stronger our bond becomes.

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Perseverance — I will not falter, neither will I fall nor will I give up until I reach where I aspire to be.

“Indeed, God is with those who are patient and the best among the wise are the ones who are resolute.”

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Courage — Take risks and chances even if the ends aren’t in your favor.

In moments of hardship, I just rush towards danger — it has always been that way with me for as long as I can remember.

The solitude of Mind — There is an ocean of calmness that awaits you once you take a deep breath, and reemphasize, it will become clear.

Kindness — You will learn to become kinder to yourself and other people as well as empathize with them on a deeper level.

Kindness is the form of love, that leaves a mark on both the bearer and the received for the better.

A kind gesture or act will be remembered by someone even if you never meet them. You perhaps might even become a legend or folklore.

Humor — Life can be tough, but there isn’t any hardship in life that a quick laugh can’t fix.

Will I sink or swim? I think I’ll tear through them with a smile.

The Takeaway

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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