Thanks Terry, i was just reading your life story and half way in it brought me to tears, you’ve definitely lived a honest, down to earth life. Especially your childhood that shows that you experienced true forms of affection, I actually relate to you so much, I also did escape my home to go to a university that was also 300 miles away from my home XD which is kinda a coincidence while reading it, i’m still in middle… and there is so much that i instantly connected with. So far, i’m hooked and saved the story so that i could read it over and over again because every time i read it, i feel your experiences in fine tone. And overall, I believe there are many wondrous stories that you have to tell that many youthful people these days can take an inspiration from.
I will definitely write about topics related to Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, & Startups. I have had a few successes and many failures that i used to mentor other startups that definitely gained the competitive edge to survive in the market.
It’s a promise, i’ll write about some topics regarding Startups hopefully in a week and then i’ll tag you! & then you can read the exciting funny adventures that i have had, treading the land of Entrepreneurship.
Thank you for the kind remarks. Stay Blessed & Stay Safe!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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