Thank you🙏 so much for the pleasant feedback!💓 Sir Zachary!

Well to be fair, this was just one the usual revelations, I usually get so I write them down… this was on the top of my head, and I wrote in 3 minutes or less… and then found a suitable display, that would match what I wrote, in a minute, and two editing, some parts… Most of what I write is either, my experience… or frequencies my mind catches whilst… walking or sitting… Think of me as a Human radio📻, I would randomly turn on and start speaking something profoundly amusing, and in a few moments when the signal dies down… I’d turn off again! 😁

I would definitely write about my dreams, as poems hopefully when I get some time… or when I’m ready to write them. I hope to see your feedback by then! I hope you enjoy, reading them too!

Stay Blessed, & Stay Safe!
Kind regards, with Peace, Love & Happiness onto You!


P.S I could have replied sooner, but sadly😿 the responses also count as stories, and you could only publish 3 in a day… which is bad! 😅Therefore, I tried writing this note, with goodwill & Blessings. & May Your Days be filled with exciting adventures, and amusing tales, that you could experience, write, and hopefully tell!

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.