Thank you for the kind remarks! Rigópoula ❤
She is a very dear friend of mine! but if i said sister she might cringe. 😆 because she does! Um she is one of my peers who motivated me to write on medium, So there are a few people that you might see constant under my posts, those people are my peers and somewhat my review committee from whom i seek insights and critique from. I hope to write a poem, for every single one. Because i share a connection with everyone single one of them.

I hope to explore all ways to write my experiences and what I perceive towards my peers, even you! Definitely with further conversations and communications and sharing of our wisdom and ourselves will help me in better creating an understanding and a true connection with these beloved people. Thus, when the time comes i would be eager to write something truly beautiful for each one.

I’m sure they will be blessed to see your generous response. Please feel free to give your honest critique or feedback with what ever you feel when you read my work. I would be humbled to reciprocate towards that end. Because then I would able to understand you, as a reader and as well as your self.

Stay blessed, and Stay Safe!

Peace, Love, and Happiness onto you!

Kind regards,

Riku 😄

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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