So Doctor Is It Worse, She said, Not Yet But You Might Die

She could have known better, but then again she’s a doctor not a comic.

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

Oh, what a sigh of relief. Am I dying yet, uttered as I was doxed with more morphine. As the pain had frankly reached my heart. And it wasn’t the only thing that was breaking apart.

Yes, my body was also twisting and turning to navigate the pain. The doctors were putting me through one test to another. A bit like making an extra amount of cash meanwhile the world is going through a pandemic. And well, I was going through an internal breakdown that was perhaps caused by an anxiety attack.

It was followed by a severe case of muscle spasms. And difficulty breathing. Thankfully, my sense of humor was intact. As the lady doctor’s quick pun didn’t hurt as much as the experience; I was going through at the moment.

Actually, though, she was honest. But if someone else was in my position, they’d probably had lost what little hope of recovery they had left. Panic can cause more damage than good.

And shitty jokes to the patient don’t really help. But all in all, I was thinking happy thoughts. While I was trying to roll from side to side.

The doctors were too busy adding more tests to the bill.

What better way to deal with a patient during a pandemic as they writhe in pain. Why not rob them too? I know, I know. Harsh, isn’t it?

But yeah, doctors can be a bitch to deal with. They, unlike lawyers, not only rob you. But they also kill you if they do an irregular diagnosis and suggest improper dosages.

And well, what happens next will definitely shock you. You die. My childhood best friend died because of this one fact. Though he’s not the only one. These thoughts and feelings don’t really add more of your trust in the doctor.

Especially, when they have a rotten sense of humor. Well, they are specialized in medicine rather than humor. How comical! Haha, as I laughed and writhed on that hospital bed for a few hours.

All in all, I survived to tell the tale.

But in reality, I learned something good out of it.

Never ask the question, “Is it worse yet?

Because it won’t really add reassurance(value) to your current situation.

Better to skip it altogether, as you might make it worse before it gets better.

You don’t have to take my word for it. — Le Quack.


i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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