Peeping Tom’s Peril

A tale of sadness & wrath concerning perverts

Peeping Tom, CC

Clinging clinching, whispering whim
Thomas never admitted sin
He peeped & seeped & did he foul
To never be the kind loving soul

He waited for the victims, to come
Oh how he enjoyed, the desperation & fun
that came from stalking & prancing around
grabbing & groping, people all around

He stood one day for someone to come
& then came along a fun looking wom
He tried calmly to stand behind
for did he not know it was his mum

And then came it, a wake-up call
Oh! Tommy Boy, you’ve doomed us all
For now, you’ve got us all insight
of our sins & the Holy might

What will we do now? was I sighed,
in such a crisis that we invite
if only we were careful not to mess that day
if only we had slept in that day

His brain had left him, and so did his heart
for he wasn’t ready to face mum’s wrath!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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