Negligence is the mother of all, f*ck ups!

Neglect is one such issue we need to prevent, NOW!

Yes, not just children, adults of all ages do… But it starts with your childhood when your parent neglects you for the little things, we all can relate to how we were neglected as kids, what affected us the most, that just transforms to regret, like even the little things can cause your children to feel betrayed, lost and even feel neglected.. these things can inevitably cause your children to suffer from damages that can turn their entire childhood into a never-ending nightmare.

We stopped sharing our grief, After all we know most people can’t relate because most people aren’t able to. As they have never truly even had the capacity to feel, what a person goes through such horrible forms of abuse.. and it’s ironic that the same person who’s secretly enjoying the misery of someone, that it’s so funny, that a person will get beaten, is the same person who preaches and acts like someone who is here to safeguard your rights, and will support you… How hypocritical!? Well in their eyes, it’s justified, the justification being,

“Everybody is doing it”!

is an old sentiment that most of us know, even when we were little children we saw these happen, and we mimic what we see, until we learn to think for ourselves, unless we can perceive from a young age that is highly unlikely because most parents these days, want their children to read from a script so that they can show how good their parenting is when in fact, they are horrible parents… and they are ruining the child’s development neglecting the child’s needs… and so are the other people connected to the child,


“Childhood matters the most, as tohow the child will grow up to be”

but when Adulthood comes it is responsible for the person to do personal development, it is their responsibility to realize but because most parenting lacks certain specific elements, children are usually intellectually tepid because of neglect.

It is the same for both genders, the child needs attention, have you seen children like this, Have you ever wondered what goes on in the child’s mind when grown-ups are talking, and the child is just sitting alone in a room, hugging their teddy, if they even have one at least…

Let that sink it in.. try to visualize that feeling of complete abandonment

Social distancing from your child, when they were just too little to even understand, but they did, because they wanted you to shelter them, court them, cuddle them, be emotionally present for them… yeah, if you’re a parent you definitely should feel horrible, for making your children suffer like this.. imagine what the child feels, when you don’t pat his/her head when you don’t play with them when you’re more or less involved with them.

I remember not so long ago, I visited my uncle’s home to greet them with their newly born daughter, my little cousin who’s age 6 was shy and couldn’t open up.. Being a child myself, I was able to communicate on his level, and improvise fostering a friendship between him.. I was sitting in my room when I saw him outside playing with his toys.. I got to know he gets alienated by his friends, and he doesn’t have anyone to play with.. his parents or grown ups wouldn’t even relate to him as most adults, are intellectually tepid and they can’t even use common sense to realize that the child sitting alone on the floor, is using his imagination to talk to himself when we don’t even give them proper attention.. sure parents love their kids, but have you ever thought that how a child sitting on the floor alone, would feel..

No, you haven’t. It doesn’t cross your mind! Being brutally honest!

I mean I've been there too, it’s an endless cycle so I decided let’s break that cycle.. when I sat with him, I started to talk, but in an introspective manner to try to get to know what’s bothering him,

“Imagine a 6-year-old boy saying, i’m OK! i’m just gonna go to the toy store and buy a doll house.. so that all my friends(toys) can play with me”

When I inquired, He looked at me and smiled very calmly ^^.. and started to play with his toys again.. I began to look around his toys, to improvise a situation and asked him a question,

“So can you tell me which toy is your favorite and least favorite one and can you tell me why do you like them, what’s the story behind them!”

He replied, by pointing out each one, and told me when and where did he get them from, why does he like them, you could feel he was overjoyed by the support to talk about himself… and we had fun playing with them, so we decided to play catch all while sitting in the lounge by a penalty, that whoever will drop the ball, will ask the other a question..

“Doing this he was able to open up about himself, his curiosity was peeked and also he used thought processes to come up with exciting questions, which i definitely enjoyed answering, though some were pretty*wink wink* funny”

Meanwhile another family acquaintance came, i greeted him with open arms and he went and sat with my uncles.. He with his annoyingly look asked me,

“Why are you sitting with the child, come sit with us and lets have a talk”

to which I replied,

“I’d rather not neglect this child than to sit with people who have nothing to offer!”

which in all reality is the brutal truth, why would I leave such an innocent child alone who just wants someone to be there and play with him… and that I did for at least a few hours, we had quizzes, and interesting facts to share, and even went for an ice-cream! His charming smile that won my heart, completely.. and I believe he will remember that day even when he grows up…

Children need fostering, they need to be given notable examples of generosity and kindness when they’re growing up because it teaches them that to enjoy the little things in life such, as being happy even when they’re alone, and they can be joyous even when they have no friends… Hope is the lesson every child should be gifted when they’re growing up.

When you’re uninvolved, those children feel left out when they grow up.. because you neglected them their basic needs,

Love, empathy, care, protection, trust, and even adventurous spirit to rejoice

sure, we all say we give our children, have you really questioned whether it was effective or not, try to think it through what your child actually needs.. Otherwise, people will definitely cause harm to your children when you’re not looking unless you actually imbue them with the capacity to tear through uncomfortable situations... to be there for one another rewarding them with the ability to empathize with others in a very young age will bless them with kindness.

But alas, in the end, we all need Companionship, as children; especially from our parents. Because it is every child, every person’s right to grow up with empathy, care, and affection.

Thus we can realize the true meaning of life is to love and be loved and be free!

And Negligence of any such need can cause a lot of unwanted damage in any child’s life!

P.S Take care, and try to take some time off for children in your life... Let them have someone who actually wants to understand them and play with them.. Improvise the situation and don’t neglect them, love them and just be a friend towards them, all they really need is a friend!! (^_^)/

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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