My My, Attention Seeker

I’m not wasting my time talking to you; because I want you…

Riku Arikiri
2 min readAug 20, 2022


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

She woke me up, one stormy night, asking for solace in my arms
Angered by her present, sorrows she sought to escape,
worthiness she had betrayed, by running in the middle of the night
to an old flame, was she lost when I was but down

Perhaps she thought, I’d be there when she was tired down
tied down? I wouldn’t know; when I asked her,
why are you here? For you, she sighed, knowing very well
she lied, it came up suddenly, during that time

I love this guy, but it’s complicated, we can’t make time
no my dear, you’re lying, he’s your man, you ain’t trying
why are you hiding away in another man’s home?
when he’s out there crying, trying to make things right?

You need space, from what once was your stride
now you’re here lying once again, why because I don’t mind?
Oh I do mind when I told you the last time when you left me behind
Why are you here again talking to me wasting my time?

I’m not going to let you cause the same pain to another guy,
who loves like I did, perhaps more this time, yet you still can’t see, why
you’re the one who destroys bridges leaving them broken inside
to run to another wonder, that catches your eyes, when will you realize?

It’s a waste of time, you’re an attention seeker who hops wagons all the time
you’re never gonna stop to think, perhaps you will have your time,

It’s your time, goodbye…
maybe, the guy no. 3 can take up on the offer this time



Riku Arikiri

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