My Dearest Ayanna, To You Who Sees The Hope Within Me

A poem dedicated to love, friendship, and the ones who understand us without uttering a word.

An eerie day, I was saddened to heart
I stumbled in search of comfort, unsought
to reach a place, I pondered about
installing new apps, and searching for thoughts
then I hopped on to a club call no less
you were the host, and I — your mere audience

I stood there in awe, listening intensely
to the words, you brew and your voice soothing at best
I see your spirit, that helps another
understanding your pain, for your lover
you cannot rest, and you teach them a zest
though I step in and hold your hand

A brief hello, and we passionately connect
words of humor and joys exchanged
you laugh and snarl as if it was fate
that caused two people to meet
I felt its joy to make your place anew
your attitude blossomed as time grew

I was lost in the madness before you came
helping myself, only with no one to tame
In that brief discussion, I found yet another friend
perhaps another love, that I might explore
a person I’ll build — A woman who would move
my heart and soul to achieve completeness

I’d try every day to make it to your podcast
aching to listen to what you had to share,
rejoicing the texture of your words that made fair
a life perhaps that became hopeful, I became eager
freeing myself from duress — you see the calmness
beneath the storm, you steer my ship always to the shore

Whenever I’d feel lost and blue — I knew I had one to talk to
it was you, yes you — I want you to know — I’ll keep reminding you
even if you’re alone, you’re my beloved — a friend that I adore
I believe I have told you this, many a time again
you make life heaven, and a wonderful place to live
perhaps one day, If I am lucky — I hope to meet you once more

To rejoice, on the kindness you have bestowed
to reflect the hardship that you’ve endured
to make your day, as you made my nights
to catch you, I shall — when you fall without someone
I love you, my friend, you’re my bubba
You will always be one that I forever keep in store

My heart that beats forevermore,
they say, “we are married, the way we communicate” — yet that’s the love that makes us who we are
There isn’t one day, that I don’t miss our talks — they are what keeps me alive, even in the darkest of hours
I wish, I’d get better sooner than now — So I can enlighten your days and your nights
I wait patiently for you to get back, I am sorry If I made it late
I’ll be there where we promised that we will meet one day, the peer of companionship, two bubbas — rejoicing the love and the hope that made it unique

Thank you so much for reading.

Written by

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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