Mournful Melodies, That End with Joy

A poem about depression and the release of ease one yearns to receive.

Lying on the restless edge, as I cry another sigh
no one’d be by my side, rather than I
I who was there, when it came
down running through the halls of fate, it rained

Yes it did, the rain that day, or was I just stunned
bummed, I hummed on a whim
it was a cry, from the prying eyes of the one who felt lost inside
a state of misery, a heart no less tired

I tried, yes I tried to hide the feeling of being destroyed
from within, yes it came I am no more of the man who once died
that day, when the world took away his innocence
traded and jaded for who he once was, he lost it all to a spell of naught

There is no means, of which to be free, he searches it deep believing it exists
lonely walking the path that struck asunder, his heart lays dormant in despair
no wonder, he is lost because he was never found, yes he died that day
in those corridors, no one ever cared whether he was suffering, please

No one ever dared to ease his eerie dreams,
resting his head, on the pillow of aimless dread, knowing only unrest
he seeks another prayer, for wanting anew release, will he get his wish?
finally, will he receive peace, will you reach for him there?

Will you lend him another hand? Maybe
he wants it too, but never knows how to phrase
to ask for help from those he loves, yes those who promise him indeed
we’ll be there when you need us, but now he waits mournfully neglected

Why did he ever want you to stay?
Did he ever ask you to pray? He just wanted someone to be by his side
In times, of hardship, misery, and despair, he wanted you to say
“It’s going to be alright, just rest your head on my lap, close your eyes, and sleep, my dear boy.”

The nightmare is over, hush little child,
as he rests in her stead and forgets this world that made him cry
slowly falling to the mellow lullaby, as he stops crying
he received the loving embrace, he yearned for, as he says his goodbye

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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