Rocket Power

Missile Me This, Why Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Oh my god, it’s so big, I can’t believe it's so long

Photo by Matt Benson on Unsplash

Men have always been fascinated by the size and shape of rockets. Whether it be a ballistic missile or an intercontinental ballistic missile. Boy, they sure love to talk about it. It’s in every newspaper you can find, and on every Twitter feed, you see labeled #deal with it.

Now there are many contenders on who owns the admirable junk. But no one comes close to how big Russy has when it comes to the total circumference of their nukes. It is said when their nukes are launched, somewhere some Yankee dies of constipation.

Or rather lack thereof, the sound waves travel so hard that it tempts other people to just whip their out for the whole world to see. Now not all of them can argue who has the giant button. But we can sure as hell talk about how many of them compensate for it in other terms.

Some like their rockets cylindrical, whereas most like it thick from the bottom while it becomes thinner to the top. Most Merican rockets are fueled to reach their targets precisely, like their partners when they catch them cheating.

It’s fire and forgets for these big fighters. No matter the time, once out. It will reach its destined mark making a crater the size of Texas. Though Merica has had a rivalry with its counterpart, Little Kimmy, for decades.

The guy keeps giving Merica a run for its money(putting its own people into poverty). Somehow it usually fails every time it launches a rocket. Not to worry, Iran is probably sending its rocket technology and how it keeps it in good shape for when the time comes. Probably wiring through the instructional manuals to improve the symmetry.

It’s the year 2021. While most countries are going through a pandemic, the big boys are still too busy playing with their toys.

Hopefully, as things simmer down, we will be welcomed to yet another new feat, a rocket terraforming mars as we speak.

As someone might take the first seat for having the biggest missile making a giant leap to winning the lottery for the biggest peashooter among all the kiddies in the cul-de-sac.

Don’t know whether it performs as well as they parade it to be. Who knows, it fails as soon as it is released into the world from its sleep.

Like a dragon, it roars, soars, and finally snores.

But not before it dips and explodes.

Let us just hope the new one is bigger than the ones they already have in store.

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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