Men Are Profoundly Stupid, I Can’t Stress This Enough

We’re searching for people who love doing dumb shit, are you out there?

Riku Arikiri
2 min readNov 25, 2022


Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Yes, we are.

This foolishness is a by-product of our loving mothers, whom we wholeheartedly adore. And will defend to our last breaths, if it comes to this.

It isn’t however because of our dads, who usually for most men do not care.

Well, some dads are awesome, while others are just horrible.

Whereas a few, those miracle ones hold both sides of the cup while drinking the tea. 😉

Foolishness is not a manly trait.

It’s a natural occurrence, that’s accompanied by naivete.

It’s youthfulness.

There’s your answer to why you think men haven’t grown up.

I mean from a physiological perspective they have.

From a psychological perspective, they haven’t.

Or so most people say.

But the truth we choose to be stupid at times because we want to feel something different. Than what society or the constant pressure of being a man means to us.

Life becomes so boring when you become serious.

Foolishness is the spice of life.

Oh, how I love to embarrass myself in front of my friends by saying dumbshit on purpose.

Sure I might be alienated, but if I find people who’re like me, along the way.

I’ll be profoundly happy.

Therein lies the trade-off.

There are plenty of people like us.

And it just doesn’t come to one specie.

Doggos, cattos, all are like this. 😅

Before you go, how dare you compare my snookies to that MAN. EWW.

You’re not wrong there.

I restecpa you.



Riku Arikiri

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