Manipulation isn’t Bad, You Are

It’s simple. Isn’t it? Did it make you angry? You should be. It’s true. Boo hoo! You!

Riku Arikiri


Yet you still lie.

You cheat.

You use deceit.

You want to.

You crave it.

But you never cease.

You don’t stop.

You never retreat.

All when it comes to gaining what you need. All of us need it.

Both you and I??

Why? Isn’t there another way?

Why is well considered bad?

Because it’s sweet to become sour.

Hey now, buzzer, that’s not right.

Yes, it’s possibly true just like the preachers who roam outside those pretty churches, spoiling little boys.

Preaching the word’s Lord, Oh my God.

I tend to tremble and slip the truth, sometimes.

Excuse me, please.

I tease.

My bad. *laughs*

*still laughing*

Photo by Marloes Hilckmann on Unsplash



Riku Arikiri

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.