Luck Is A Fight Or Flight Response

Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

This reminds me of a few memories of my own, rather I was calm and felt certain ease seeing life flash before my eyes.

I have been in many accidents, or lack thereof ran towards many.

As in times of peril, I usually rush towards the ones who get caught in the blaze, to know I am not the only one rushing to make haste, to aid.

I remember once I was strolling through the streets, on my bicycle.

Gunning and rushing through the streets, as a teenager would. In a second from the closed end of the street turn, a car came. I applied my brakes but sadly my cycle hit the car’s right wheel, and whoosh I flew across like a pillow whistling through the air.

Thankfully the collision in mid-air gave me a microsecond perspective to adjust my landing and I moved over to my bum in that span of a microsecond.

I fell and grazed my legs a bit. But I stood up, soon afterward still dizzy, and perhaps even experiencing a mild concussion.

The men came outside of the vehicle and three men came running from the street to help me up.

They furiously grabbed the other two men by the collar, and asked politely why were they rushing in the housing street at such speeds, are they mad!?

In the heat of the moment, I asked: “Is my bicycle okay?”

I looked towards the side, and my bicycle handle had been bent. Somehow, I was saved by the bell. I stood up and told the other men, “I’ll be all right.”

and then walked back home dragging my bicycle with a shocked look on my face.

While sad little tears flowing through my eyes, that perhaps I hid from everyone that passed.

Though I was lucky, I was saddened to find the bicycle that my father gifted me on my birthday to have experienced such a fate.

I came back home, locked the bicycle under the garage, and ran towards my home in tears to my mother.

Though I didn’t tell her what happened, I did show her the bike. Afterward, I enjoyed ice cream on the balcony with my mother.

I remember it like a fine wine, the taste of the ice cream, it was vanilla I believe.

Good times, indeed.

P.S I still don’t know what happened, but when I experience accidents I usually get up and walk back home like nothing ever happened. 😉

P.S> The bicycle is still okay, I think though this experience is more than a decade old. I got the bicycle fixed shortly after, but the frame of the bicycle had sustained some blows, that I kept as a reminder of the experience I had been through, as I would always be alert when cycling in the streets with a honk near turns to alert those coming by, that I am there.

Peace, Thank you so much for reading.

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe! ❤️

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I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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