Love is when you give sacrifices and compromises with your complete heart and soul. — Give more but expect less

Alas there are times when this form of love will be unrequited, abused, rejected, judged, refused and even violated. “True” love, is a myth because it can’t exist in the hearts filled with greed. True love is incomparable to Unconditional love as True love is considered pure by nature thus it’s a condition that contradicts its nature to a selfish desire no less. Whereas, unconditional love survives even if no one receives it, because it keeps you alive; you who will keep on giving love to everyone who needs it.
It’s the form of acceptance that drives you to love, without reception. Although when no one accepts it, it does become a double edged sword; one that cuts you every time you wield it — A few perspectives on the notion of love

Love has a myriad of sentiments attached to it. There are many perspectives to love, to accept each one is how you can love to accept, love!

I think this pretty much summed up what love seems like!

Thanking you for sharing such thought provoking matters on the subject of love and hope, it’s definitely a good discourse.
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