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Learn To Say Hello In A Foreign Language: Greetings 101

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Don’t you get tired of saying hello? Like, don’t you wish you did something different today?

Like, you said something different!?

While coming across the lady who walks by you every day while taking her coffee in Starbucks?

Or the dude who stands next to you in the subway?

Maybe you wish you’d just want to talk to them, but can’t get the courage to say something nice that will catch their attention.

I think about these things every day whenever I go out for a leisure stroll. Especially when it comes to breaking the ice; I excel at capturing the other person’s attention.

It all starts with a “hello” but you gotta say it with your body as well as your smile. A greeting is something that is perhaps the most important thing, a person remembers about you.

Like how you first met? Were you kind? Compassionate? or perhaps you were courteously aligning yourself towards them which they definitely liked about you.

Greetings come in all forms and sizes. Each has a distinct effect on the other person. They are perhaps the best icebreakers when it comes to making an impression. Especially when you can’t think of anything else to say.

Why not learn to say “Hello” in a foreign language!

Here 5 majestic ways you can learn to say hello, and what it means when you say it!

1. Namaste

“The divine being in me recognizes the divine being in you.”

Well, what about that, isn't this the sweetest.

Namaste is a customary, non-contact form of Hindu greeting. In times of the pandemic, we are devoid of touch. This greeting is perhaps one of the best ways we can greet one another in the new era.

It’s a Sanskrit phrase, which recognizes the spiritual in all of us.

How to apply this:

How to say Namaste — ThriveYogaWellness

Place your hands together at the heart, close your eyes and bow while saying Namaste!

And let each other recognize the spiritual significance that is your beautiful selves.

When someone says, “Namaste” — you respond and mimic them with the same greeting. Thus by doing so, both of you bask in the respectful exchange of harmony and love.

2. Salaam

“Peace and blessings be upon you.”

As-salaam-alaikum — a respectful way of saying Hello in the most auspicious of ways possible.

It is a greeting used by Muslims to greet one another. It varies depending on the region and places it is used. And it has many variations when it comes to saying it.

How To Apply This:

How To Say Salaam — Wikihow

It is a gesture of greeting or respect typically consisting of a low bow of the head and body with the hand or fingers touching the forehead.

Raise your right hand, near your forehead and say “Salaam” followed by a respectful bow and a smile.

This practice allows you to channel your wellbeing and execute it through this gesture of greeting with respect.

It makes you and your significant other blessed with love and affection.

When somebody initiates with a Salaam, you should say “Waleykum Salaam.” This means “peace and blessings upon you too!

3. Finger Pistols

“Ready, Aim, Bang, Bang — Wink!”

Probably one of the oldest ways, of greeting someone. One of the best ways of showing someone you’ve locked them down on your sight.

Remember how you played “cops and robbers” with your friends. Ah the good ol days, when you’d finger bang from afar. Well, that sounded kinda bad.

You get to point and shoot. D’oh.

*I couldn't contain myself*

How to Apply This:

Bully Macquire shows you how to greet in 2021 on Youtube

Of course, you gotta be careful with who you use this against. You might come off as an eccentric douchebag. Or worse an eccentric douchebag with #metoo charges.

Use with caution!

Especially among women, you don’t wanna get arrested for harassment. Use it just for fun, among friends and acquaintances.

Have fun, but be cautious about the consequences.

You have been warned! 😉

4. G’Day Mate

“Good-I-Might, how ya doin?”

The Aussie way of saying hello. According to Wikipedia, Mateship is an Australian cultural idiom that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship.

As mateship derives from mate, meaning friend, commonly used in Australia as an amicable form of address.

How to apply this:

10 Aussie expressions to master at EF.com

If you want to sound Australian, practice saying “Good eye might” with a swift pace. With some practice, you can land your perfect Aussie icebreaker that’ll leave an everlasting impression on your mates.

The best way to say it is with a cheeky smile with the tip of the hat.

And in pandemic times, when you greet someone with it — smile with the twinkling in your eyes.

5. Whazupp


Originally coined by Budweiser. was a commercial campaign for Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer from 1999 to 2002. The first spot aired during Monday Night Football on December 20, 1999. The ad campaign was run worldwide and became a pop-culture catchphrase.

The phrase is cult classic and has had many versions over the years. Definitely check out the revival one, that hid me hard.

How to Apply This:

Whazzup on Youtube.com

Well take a deep breath, stick out your tongue behind the mask and say “Whazaaappp.”

And make sure to enjoy the moment with your buds.

Why not make a group WhatsApp call, and say “Whazzup!” with your homies and gals.

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, you’re bound to have a great time — eventually.

Meanwhile making other people’s day as well.

On a goodbye note, here’s a list of activities you ought to do during this new year. It will make your life and everything around it so much sweeter.


Make sure to take good care of yourself, and those around you as well.

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!

Peace and take care ya’ll. 😉

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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