It does remind me of the subtle moments that one experiences every now and then. Looking out the window just gives you a fresh perspective for that vivid 6 to 8 seconds, feeling the outside and sinking it in is such reflective process, it hopefully gives you the freshness you desire even if for a moment.

Looking out the window, gives you a sense of hope that the desolate prison you’re in can be left at any given moment, because there is a way out even for a second. Most people who live imprisoned lives would find this notion significantly pleasant and appealing as it does relieve them of the worries that haunt their souls.

Good set of ideas, expressions and words fully expressed in a fluid poetry. So much to deliver for the perspectives that one holds. Thank you for sharing an enlightening piece of poetry. It definitely will help the few souls actively looking for signs!

Stay Blessed & Stay Safe! ❤

Kind regards,

Riku 😸

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.