Is Your College Degree Worth It?

What you need to ask yourself is have you ever failed in college? If so what did you learn and did you adapt or escape failure?

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Yes and no. Your college degree can be a sign of your hard work and persistence. It can also be a clear sign that you’re driven and dedicated to achieving desired goals.

I have got mixed feelings about a college degree depending on the majors. But here’s something to motivate you. Here’s a screenshot from the Project Management Insititute’s site showing the pre-requisite needed for their Project Management Professional Certification.

PMP Pre-requisites for the PMP certification on

What’s the first thing you see that takes away your attention span? Well, you see your four-year degree actually supplements the requirement and needs 3 years of project management experience rather than 5 years.

That is really insightful. Especially filtering in your work experience if you’ve ever managed any projects in the years during your education. They add as well.

So for an undergrad who works as a Project Intern during their education; would definitely fill the requirement to apply for the certification exam when they graduate.

Think about that for a brief moment.

Well, what’s your major? What are your minors? If you want to be specific see your passions and pursuits. What is your dream profession?

Outline your ideas that you want to commit to. As college is the best place to try everything out. Especially when you fail in college, you learn the most practical skills to lead your life.

Trust me, the biggest mistake you will ever do is to not fail in college. If your college journey is straight As but never any Fs. How do you really know that what you’re learning is actually applicable in life?

Chances are you won’t be having any tolerance towards the uncertainty that life brings. You only learn to adapt when you fail. If you don’t fail you’re learning everything wrong.

There is a dilemma among college students to maintain their GPA, to get opportunities. But what they do wrong and mostly they waste their time doing is that they follow a course that fills their head with knowledge. But what they do wrong is they don’t know the practical implications of such and such. That is only learned by failing, by facing uncomfortable situations and by seeking failure.

When you fear failure, you escape it. What you’re actually escaping is the ability to change! As failure allows you to predict opportunities that in turn helps you to learn. But what college culture seems to dissuade this understanding that failure is fatal.

They are teaching you the wrong thing. They are preparing you for failure in life. You won’t take risks, and you would never learn to take risks. Play with your failures, and you’ll learn to make a change.

College is worth it when you fail there. It is a training ground for you to learn when you fail. If you do not test your mettle by failing, you’d be wasting your time.

There are two types of people in college:

  • Those who never fail well, escape failure and usually feel lost when they graduate.
  • And those who fail well, learn to adapt and build a sensational resilience towards life.

In the end, the latter are the ones who come out on top in whatever field they choose. Because they realize it early on to anticipate failure in everything they do.

Failure is a natural aspect of life. College or Career, if you do not break it — you won’t make it. Thus have a plan to fail well, and try taking risks in college. It’s the best place where you can take control of your choices. Choose majors that challenge your very core. Struggle to understand everything you can about it.

You can compromise on bad grades, but what you should never compromise on is bad understanding.

Thus have a clear goal of failure and if in any case do you find yourself confused; then I believe its high time you take a leap of faith, fall and ultimately learn what you have been missing.

Good luck and Godspeed on your future endeavours.

Remember to Fail Well.


I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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