I stopped playing because all my friends moved on, and I decided to move on too. A few reasons why I decided to quit competitive gaming was because it was not going anywhere. The only reason I started gaming in the first place was because of the community.

And the opportunity to connect with people. But when people start leaving a game due to any number of issues. I believe it is time to revise and revamp to try to get back those users. Valve in that regards have failed terribly.

Playing a map, a million times would not change the outcome. The userbase is falling because most of the userbase is now in their mid or late 20s or 30s.

Poor Player Rentention rates.

These were the early adopters of these games. But they have families now, and mouths to feed. So quitting the game seems like the only option.

Not only they don't pay attention to their communities, but also they do not add new consistent content. It goes the same for other communities as well. Only the die hard fanbase who works in the modding community stays. And that is true for any game or genre out there.

I have stayed and only play videogames because they act as a placebo to break away from the stress of life.

It is not a replacement for life but a leisure activity.

And I am fine with that. But I do hope that value might someday take the action to turn Dota 2 into an openworld strategy game. That might perhaps bring back most of the userbase that once left to pursue other things in life.

Because that is what every die hard strategy gamer's dream is. To play with your mates, in a multimassive openworld strategy game.

Someday it might happen, until then game on.

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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