I often too get similar remarks, whenever I am quiet. "People often come across me asking, why are you depressed? Why the long face?"

What irritates me sometimes, is that they don't understand is that I enjoy and appreciate silence. I tend to enjoy every second of it, calmly.

In fact, I am usually in the best of spirits when I am quiet. I might be smiling from within. But to others it seems as if I'm depressed.

I totally understand that all of us can't be psychic but we should always find a better way of conveying our intents with a slightly positive perspective.

Otherwise the peace can get disturbed. Now we wouldn't want that, won't we!?

I can fully empathize the fit of emotions, as well as the alarming sensation you might get when people ask you that question.

But in time, I have learned to smile whenever it comes. It totally catches them by surprise, how your energy changes. It captivates them completely and they do realize the error in their ways.

In short, you can't really control what life might throw at you. But you can learn to receive it with zest, as it is the only thing that makes a positive difference in your life.

Thank you so much for writing this vulnerable piece. I believe it is going to give a lot many people courage to face such moments with gusto.

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!


It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.