I believe you have to stand up to bullies, if they use force or try to physically hurt you, hit them with kindness if that doesn’t work.

Use your words, if that doesn’t work.

Ask an adult, if that doesn’t work.

Swing your left leg, forward at a 90-degree angle and blow his family jewels to kingdom come.

That mostly does the trick. The humiliation perhaps will teach the bully that you are not weak. There have been times, I showed my strength as opposed to the bully’s own strength, at times they acknowledge one person and stop bullying them altogether.

Standing up matters, it can be the only thing that helps. The pain followed, helps you grow. But never back down from someone gunning to beat you to a pulp.

I agree with what you said, and your experience is complimentary. But at times, You have to take this measure as well otherwise you would always feel that you are less and don’t have the strength to take charge in your life.

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!

With Love


i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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