How Your Dreams Will Come True If You Have Friends By Your Side

But it will take time and not everyone is going to understand that.

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Your peers, your family, your lovers, your enemies — all of them will share this distastefulness towards your persistent attitude one day.

You will feel caged by this omen.

And sometimes would even feel on the brink of death. So much so it will become difficult to breathe. On every step that you aim to take, you will be questioned unnecessarily. You will become tired of it.

To the point, you would be hoping to yourself. You’d start to contradict your choices. This mindset will drown you in self-afflicted misery. With no one beside you, you will feel lost working towards a dream that becomes your prison.

Of which you might think that escape is impossible. Slowly but surely, there will come a time you will quit. I often see people talk about taking risks in their life. What they don’t usually talk about is the existential dread that comes with taking risks.

And boy, it will haunt your dreams, literally. It will become like a cycle where all your wit will be tested against you. There will come a time you will feel hopeless in your sadness caused by it. This will come as a result of silently pursuing such endeavors without breaks.

You will second guess why did you even take that first step. Why did you even make that choice? As this will become your present, being trapped in a time where you are doing your part. But the external stimulus just can’t seem to budge no matter how hard you try.

You will find shortcuts but to no avail. You will end up where you started, failing aimlessly. The emotional repercussions of going against the norm will challenge the fabric of your being. It will become worse before it becomes remotely better for you.

This is the cold hard truth because change is scary. As these risks come with their costs. Which you, my dear, will have to pay in full. It won’t be a trade but more like extortion. You will feel cheated out of a quick escape or even a quick fix.

Times will become much difficult if you do not build the necessary tolerance to face your odds with gusto. You would not only be facing the numerous failures that will come your way. But also the rejection of your peers leaving your side.

The worst challenge that you will face is the dismissal of a loved one during this extraneous journey. We are human beings.

What makes us human are our emotions and feelings. These turmoils are going to affect this aspect of our lives. And it is going to become the worst fight of your life.

Because you would be pushed to choose the inevitable, your dream, or your relationships. I know, but this is one of the many compromises that will be asked of you. If you are willing to take both of them on. Surely you are going to break before you build all facets of your life.

You have to give up on at least one and try not to think about the discarded choice. Though it will affect you and come back to haunt you someday. But before that can ever happen. You need to be ready to accept that result.

Remember that in life, you need to accept your experiences. You need to embrace everything in your life. And understand that everything has its course.

There is really no quick fix to getting your goal. If your dream is to become something great. Before you can ever achieve it, you need to have the stamina, wit, as well as resolution to attain your prize.

All of that comes with hardships. Because hardships build tolerance.

They imbue you with all the necessary traits that you need to become successful.

It is a sense of gratitude that aims to accept your strife. And everything that aims to break you. You need to practice and exercise caution where necessary. You need to add breaks and pauses on your way to your dream goal.

You need to rest in between. It is not going to be an endless journey of work it till you make it. You need to pursue means that aim to satisfy your inner self.

You need to love and be loved. Find someone that understands you. That you can rest your head upon. Someone you can find solace in.

Someone who calls you love.

You will find them all.

Only if you dedicate your time wisely in the service of yourself and other people in your life. And not just your dream. You can make a drastic change that can benefit from all sides.

Think of it this way, how would you want to celebrate your last moments in this world? Being surrounded by those who love you or a dream that has no one you love?

Your life is precious. Your present time is valuable. Spend it with those you cherish and those who admire you. Grow with them and build your dreams together.

Stop carrying the goal of meeting your grand expectations. Let others in. You need to trust your friends and let them help you. If you keep trying, you will find a few people who can embrace your dreams as much as you can.

They will share the same zest you have because you will share it with them wholeheartedly. Why face risks alone when you can battle them together.

You are not alone. There are others like you. Why not build a bride and let like-minded people onboard. It is going to make your journey easier and much more fun than going solo.

You will face your odds with courage with a smile on your face with peers who want to be there with you because they want to. Then all the problems will seem like opportunities. When you would know that you have their
back and they have yours.

Do not take risks alone. It is not worth it.

Choose carefully, because it can make or break your life.

And why face your dreams alone, when you can have friends with you for the entire ride, by your side.

It took me around a decade or two to find friends who would follow me wherever I lead them to. I am still looking for more people who share the same spirit as I have.

Every other day, I come across an opportunity to better myself. I know in my heart that I will persist in my struggles with a smile. And one day finally reach my dreams, making them a reality in this world.

But knowing I have spent my time with those I love. And investing my energy to the best of who I am motivated me to do more in my life.

It pushes me to reach for my dreams with a zest that I will make it to the finish line with everything I hold dear.

I believe; so will you!

Peace. ❤️

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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