How To Find The Intent Behind Your Calm

The idle moments that define peace, if we choose to seek it.

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People tend to confuse someone who is calm to someone who seems depressed. Being quiet is a tendency that tends to resonate towards the peace of mind one aims to strive for. It is uncommon to feel like this when the chaotic thoughts tend to bring everyone down these days.

But what if? you were able to feel the calm without blocking everything out. We tend to filter things out eventually because everyone has a limit. It keeps us safe from the chaos of the mind. These impure thoughts can sometimes, cause more damage than good if not properly categorized.

I was in the passenger’s seat, sitting in a certain quiet mode. My friend who was driving, asked me “why are you quiet — Are you depressed, don’t be?” Although I replied I’m not but in truth I was, but still, I was experiencing peace. Ever since my childhood, I have always found ways to find isolation in the environment I was in. It was like slowly fading away into the background. A place where you could just breathe, think, and sometimes smile with zest.

Other times it was to count the times, I had allowed myself to feel the negative emotions and thus helping myself to become stronger through the pain. When I used to be at my university — those days were hard depending on the part of the day. But in recess, I would do what was best for me. I would find the best place, far away from the crowds and people.

I’d find a place where there was shade, some trees, and grass to help me lay. Sitting there I would allow myself to breathe. There are many things perhaps I could see when I’d remove myself from the crowd. I would mask my presence, and thus would find a chance at experiencing peace. Though I would be invited to hang with others — I would usually prefer circumventing with nature. The reason being, it made me happy and smile.

The quietness showed promise — to help me regain my composure, recharge as you may. There came a time, where I allowed my friends to experience the same presence. Thus, slowly but surely this grew and invited people to experience the same peace I and others had once enjoyed. Isolation helps a lot to calm the senses. Just because a child, is sitting alone doesn’t mean he or she is generally sad. One main meaning behind such an event would be that the child is trying to find a safe space away from all the prying eyes.

It helps you to disconnect even if it is for a moment. A moment can last longer than what we experience it to be. The effects of a moment last longer on our mind if it has the value of positivity and relaxation. It helps to endure any hardship that we would certainly experience afterward.

What is a quiet place? A place where you are allowed to feel free without discretion. It is a calming, peaceful state without worry. Though silent it becomes, it never really is as long as we can focus on the sounds one at a time. For example, the birds chirping outside my classroom window. The cars moving in the street beside the school. The people walking, cheering with their friends. And the calming sensation that flows deep within me when I’d smile.

It doesn’t take you less than a minute to let the feeling sink in. As soon as that happens, that peace that’s surrounding you will allow you to feel the meaning of it all. Imagine finding peace among the chaos, a way you could silence the negativity. Thus by being in places that were quiet, serene, and calming — I was able to decipher the understanding behind what peace of mind is like.

Every time you will allow yourself to take that chance — you will repurpose yourself in the calm. Isolation doesn’t need to be physical — it is a state of mind, but to attain it — you need to learn to physically isolate yourself or moreover filter everything that screams chaos out. And that can be achieved once you sit that break out, in the calming nature’s embrace.

Advice: Try finding a place perhaps a park, or tree shade. Try sitting, crouching, or even laying and just breathe. Let the peace flow through you — let go and just try to sink everything in.

Remember, the intent lies when you choose to take that first step and let the rest follow through its course.

Peace, Thank you so much for reading. Stay Blessed, and Stay Safe!

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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