How to F*ck your life up in 10… easy steps!

Guidelines for those who want to avoid extreme failure!

Fear of losing ourselves has always put us in a place where we can’t think for ourselves, we always fear what would happen to us if we make a mistake, but never truly experience such forms of failure and extreme sufferings… Here are 10 steps to throw your life away into a state of disarray

Drug addiction

It’s fun in the beginning but becomes an addiction when you abuse it!

Sex Addiction

It seems fun, and actually relieving at first, but then you get the ABC’s called the STD’s & then you’re screwed.

Video Gaming Addiction

Although video games, do give you the opportunity to build a strategic mindset, too much of violence can affect your brain and your sleep patterns and severely affect your health.

Can cause all sorts of disorders…

Cancer Friendships

Not everyone can be your friend, and not all of them care about you… yet there are some people who still willingly chase the crowd, leaving behind friends who actually care about them because of the false alluring presence most toxic people throw away that attracts the simple minded folks, inevitably causing them to get hurt, emotionally, physically and even spiritually to a greater degree that renders their life meaningless and full of toxicity. Trying to amass everyone into your friendship quota, can welcome people who will use, and abuse you.

At what cost, will you stop; that is what you need to realize when people can’t be straightforward towards you.

Para Social Interactions

One of the worse things that can happen in someone’s life is adopting an infatuation towards a character, moreover an innate longing and connection that is both one sided and also attributes towards a fantasy revolving around you and that character that goes towards the extreme of you believing that both of you are destined to be together “forever”.

Despite the fact that being totally captivated by someone else, the individual they are “involved with” has positively no clue. Previously, para social connections were viewed as unfortunate & unhealthy. The world wide web is changing the manner in which clinicians and authorities see para social interest and how it influences somebody’s life.

Procrastinating… soon to add more!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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