How to Beat Your Anxiety When Writing

It's simple really, turn music on in the background and just write away

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Though writing it as of this moment does seem hard. I have been struggling with anxiety for a while. Not that I can’t beat it. But because I feel tired trying to bury it.

It’s been a while that I wrote narrating to myself. It’s hard because I have fallen out of touch with myself. Usually, when I write, it’s a conversation with myself. But for a few months, the voice within has gone silent.

Somehow I find it sad that perhaps I should take a break too. And I did.

Did that help? No, not really, but what else is new. Because things in my life seem troubling at best. It’s not unmanageable, but I lay awake every day trying to sort each mess out one problem at a time.

I’d say it’s gotten peaceful. It’s calm where I am right now, even though I have struggled to deal with my chaos. Because the emotional side of writing myself away has come to a halt.

Why now, perhaps is what is on my mind? Well, first things first, I have been pondering on my existence as of late. I have concluded that I need to embrace my anxiety and let it do its course.

I have fought with anxiety all my life. I have gotten really good at handling it with ease. But this new form of anxiety, just like the coronavirus, has mutated that it seems arduous to deal with it alone.

Back when it was complicated, but I alone could withstand it with ease. I find I need someone who can listen to me as I write, as my inner self has gone silent, making it troublesome during my writing process.

Perhaps I need to change certain things in my life, and I have. But I need to stick with a few faucets and condition my focus towards just writing them away.

Write, publish and forget as they say.

I hope to just write away and try to be mindful about adding value through what I write.

It’s a practice I believe can help you change many aspects of the ever-changing landscape of your life. When you decide to pay attention to how you might fall prey to anxiety.

It is the first step in realizing it exists. And then you can focus on channeling it away to make your life much peaceful and at rest.
Or something like that.

Who knows, I might write once more.

I believe you should too.

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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