How To Be On Good Terms With Your Teacher

And No, I am not talking about kissing ass — that’s not the only way.

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Public speaking was never my forte — ever since I was in middle school. I wasn’t confident around others — I was a shy kid but that didn’t stop me in garnering friendships with everyone regardless of their size(bullies), stature(rich kids), or soul(young, poor, and old).

Teachers, however, are another story — I can proudly say, I’m a failure — It’s my trademark as I know all the ways that might make a teacher mad, and none of them are even remotely disrespectful or rude. I also know of the ways that can make a teacher laugh like a lively child, & how they can channel good vibes even on a bad day.

Having ADHD — I can admit that I have failed more times than anybody in school, college, and even university(okay my friends might have failed a little bit more).

I believe it is essential for you to fail — but more so if you can fail but still can prove your prowess in the eyes of the teacher. There is a challenge that you need to prove even if you are unaware of it and i.e. proving the ability that you possess to pass in regards to the teacher’s instruction.

I’m sure every student does fear failure and repeating. I’ll be honest — I don’t. I usually laugh, and the teacher laughs with me because they usually get me. Most of the time you will meet teachers who will purposefully fail you because you haven’t proven yourself. This is a challenge that everyone should take seriously. If you consciously fail — it is worth it but if you consciously avoid this, you are missing a great deal of learning that could propel you in terms of others when it comes to success.

Ask the Right and Wrong questions.

I usually understand all the queues, when I am speaking — but I follow by example, i.e. the ones I purposefully give away, that take me further during a conversation with an instructor.

Following through a Q/A is usually the best way to make a classroom interactive and my peers know me for my curious nature that usually attracts the teacher as well. Asking the right questions matter — but it doesn’t mean you should shy away from asking the wrong ones. By that I mean, ask those questions that will benefit the other people in the classroom as well.

Sometimes I ask the wrong question — I like taking the hit on my pride. I like being wrong because then I can learn another way that works for at least one person in the classroom. My goal to always ask a question in the classroom is multi-faceted. I ask the wrong ones to get humiliated sometimes as well just to ease the atmosphere so that the other classmates, don’t think I’m hogging all the points for myself.

I also plan the atmosphere so that the quiet ones speak up and receive their fair share as well. It is a setting that I usually deploy. I’m here to learn, not to make enemies but if I help some along the way. What’s the harm there? if I get schooled by the teacher on how to ask the right questions. Sometimes these moments tend to brighten up your day if your day was going not so well — at least you could do is to add some music, and that question perhaps is the cassette being inserted in the music box.

This is a good quality that you should always aim for when you are in a classroom i.e. thinking of the little guy who is having a hard time of information overload and might be thinking he/she won’t pass. This is an admirable quality, and the teacher can usually sense it.

If you can carry an hour-long discourse in a Q/A, I can assure you that you’d be making an impact for the better. This helps you to push the teacher to their limits, as well as helping your classmates learning things in the simple subject matter.

We all know most students just want to enjoy in the classroom, here is an opportunity where you can reel the teacher in because at the end of the day we all fancy a discussion where everyone speaks their mind but in a collected manner. I’m a teacher as well — trust me, this works in any given scenario if you take a feel of the room and let your words lift you towards the joy that comes from learning through communication.

I can’t say how many times my peers hush me from the front — asking in earnest,

“Hey man, ask him/her a question? we need a break.”

Thus the journey begins of their brains resting while they talk with another, and I talk to the teacher about what we learned but in a case study scenario. Then I improvise with the classroom, and we break into groups. We then take the teacher and each other on a journey to exploring through cultural impact, as well as technological ones that influence a specific topic.

This technique increases the chances of harnessing critical thinking through mutual discourse. Remember as long as the premise is once set — all questions regardless are entertained. This creates an opportunity for the students and teachers to be first and foremost people that show a keen interest in talking about the subject matter in a language all can actively take a part in and understand.

Remember a classroom is like a practice session — it can become congress, a business meeting, a software company, and the examples are limitless. That is what this small activity can lead towards. Thus creating an opportunity to build practical skills inside the classroom, because when the class bell rings — the students will still be sitting in the classroom and the teacher would still be teaching until the next period starts. Sometimes, even the teacher would ask the other teacher 5 minutes to spare for his discussion with the students.

This perhaps is the power of asking questions — it builds opportunities, skills & relationships that go a long way in supporting the framework of learning. There have been so many classes I have sometimes skipped because the discussion was so rich. Heck, I wasn’t the only one, there was one time our Math professor joined in as well as part of the classroom — ah that was an exciting day.

Every classroom can become an exciting place to be in as long as you hand a question to every boy, and girl in the room & they will learn. Allow them to answer one, and they will become free. Entertain their spirit, and you will make them great i.e. how education should be.

Bonus Pointer: Make use of the visiting hours, to your advantage

Do you know, how many teachers wait every day just for that one student to come into their office and spend their time with them — learning, interacting, enjoying?

I’d say millions of them — they wait for you to knock, and say hello. Your teacher is not just a spiritual parent — They are your companions and your counselors as well. They can help listen to what you have been struggling with — which’s been bothering you inside the classroom.

They can bear it all, but more carefully help you towards learning in a manner that will break your limits. I think most teachers, possess this admirable quality even the ones that are pushing lectures for mere paychecks.

The reason why it is present is that every teacher no matter how hard-headed they can be — at the end of the day, they are a human being unless your teacher is Koro Sensi — well that’s a story altogether that you should definitely watch on Crunchyroll.

The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to find ways to connect the bridge between teacher and student — once you learn to get this one down, you’ll always be one step ahead in learning, and life.

You just have to catch them in a moment, where they aren’t wearing their hats. That is probably in the classroom. Do you know why most kiss ass students succeed? — they master the ability to establish their presence. That is an amazing quality that helps them in all walks of life but there are downsides to it as this kind of takes away some parts of your character.

Most of us never truly come out of our comfort zones, as a friend of mine once said to me, “I am an introvert.” — he has an excuse that limits him in interacting with his teacher; whom he should have called that night. I am an introvert as well, but that does that matter? — No, it shouldn’t. You shouldn’t let one thing define your future when you can choose differently.

Everything mostly can turn in your favor if you choose to. Success in the classroom can be achieved using this technique. Because you would catch the teacher at the right time to listen, and advise you on your problems. They can even prepare you for the class that’s ahead. You can find common ground with your teacher.

You can talk with them, on subjects other than your course. You can show them what you build, and ask them about their hobbies. You can establish a code of friendship where the teacher would be able to compensate you where your psychological conditions will hamper your success.

I talk with many of my peers during common seminars. I am a peer mentor as well, as an educator through my services are much more than the ordinary and they don’t cost a dime. My time is precious but when I see a problem that nobody wants to solve — I take it upon myself to solve it And usually if the person allows himself to partake in the process, it gets solved with ease.

Teachers of all kinds have a purpose but that purpose can be defined by your choices. You shouldn’t blame yourself for your failures rather you should learn from your outcomes — try to narrow down all the things that played a role, in your failure. Note it all down, but give yourself first priority.

See, you have to establish a connection with your teacher. That is what it is — I’m not asking you to bribe your teacher with gifts and accessories. I’m talking about connecting on a spiritual level. Your teacher is a human being with wishes, hopes, and dreams — realize those dreams, accept them, and show that they can build them as well.

Your first purpose should be understanding the teacher as an individual and highlighting their character traits during these discussions. Tend to each one, when you do because it will help not only your teacher but yourself as well.

Counseling is a great skill — I learned my talents through extensive practice not only in the classroom but outside with all kinds of relations with people.

Look there is always the right way to go about things — usually, the right way doesn’t take much willpower but it takes a lot of time that rewards in leaps and bounds. Thus building patience, grit, and zest as well.

These sessions can sometimes become more of a connection with two people who understand and reflect upon one another. All these skills will help you when you finally graduate. You don’t need to crush 10 years after you graduate. You can learn everything you need to in your 4 years, sometimes 6 and in rare cases 8 — to become a master of your craft. But even a master can learn, and thus this is the mindset that you have to tackle.

If you can teach the teacher — with patience and kindness you can definitely win your teacher, and moreover your chance at success. The resultant outcomes in most cases can be you become proficient in your course as well as creating a network of people right from the get-go. Thus when you graduate, you would be graduating a professional which is probably how universities & education should perform.

The best lesson is the one that is learned through mutual effort and a win-win perspective.

The Takeaway

Key points to remember when initiating conversations,

  • Ask the right questions — but make it simple for others to learn as well.
  • Ask the wrong questions — to learn the errors in your ways, in catering what if?
  • Promote an active classroom discussion by giving a question in the hands of everybody.
  • Push for active dialogue or case study — ask your classmates to take notes, they can become a good asset for exam prep, for both you and the teacher.
  • Informal Introductions with the teacher during visiting hours and breaks should be your priority.
  • Communicate your problems with the teacher — create transparency.
  • Foster a hand in understanding the teacher first — when you connect that bridge, then you can ask about yours.
  • Keep a civil, confident, and courteous attitude towards your peers — strive for kindness.
  • Remember to have fun, and let others join in as well.

Peace. Thank you so much for reading.

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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