Hey Ming, do you know of the saying

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, I believe that is going to be the case with the one percent unless otherwise necessary.

Because of the nature of data these days, as laws become more strict companies are taking such actions to prevent government agencies to take away such rights where companies can profit over the data of their users.

This has been happening ever since, the data breach at facebook. This is just another safety measure by medium and colleagues to ensure that they are in the clear if any legal concerns arise.

P.S If I am brutally honest, I read the terms and conditions first before crossing the bridge. The digital world is no exception.

But the downtime of such a predicament from medium during this year shows how little concern, they have for the users who basically feed them.

If such changes are made, I believe if a million people take them to court even if their policies are set in stone. They are going to lose.

I believe they did it before hand to know the impact of the users so that they can still change however the chances seem small.

As user data collection still happens behind the scenes, and medium for that matter is no exception when it comes to active data mining.

I mean see it from a technological perspective, here is a platform where people from all of the world write about topics, and information that has a high chance of impact.

Now imagine a scenario where there are systems that actively search and pattern mine such information stored on a company's server. Then afterward those results are packaged and sold to advertisers, or given insights to advertisers under fair use to create content that targets a specific set of people.

Though software law, keeps on changing but these kinds of terms and conditions usually usher the downfall of companies who walk such thorny paths.

Only time will tell, I for one can only say that if people have options they should choose what's best for them. Corporations however don't care, unless you take it up their throats with legal action.

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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