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Greetings Ev, I hope you’re well and in the best of spirits and health.

I believe the best place, on Medium, is the responses section. I have been able to go down this rabbit hole many times and truly shared connections and ideas, and thus I totally support that responses are a universe within themselves. But I believe, there should be an open encouragement for others to comment and share their ideas about a piece, prose, or story rather than just a mindless add-on of claps or highlights which never truly matter.

I feel people still feel afraid to not leave constructive criticism or lack thereof due to feelings of judgments, and rejection towards their values and perspectives.

It is the responses and the critique that matters, whether negative or positive, it helps to create a call for discussion, and thus I enjoy my time exploring many response sections of the writers who post intelligible content. Reciprocating towards that end allows us to become transparent towards what we write and what we are trying to convey to our readers.

It helps us to improve ourselves and our writing styles. It gives us the opportunity to also stand in someone else’s shoes and see ourselves and how others might perceive the work we write.

Although, sometimes my hyperactivity causes me to panic, a symptom that I struggle with whenever I write a comment or a post, as I try to not get unwanted attention as it is overwhelming but overall, I believe that at times it is better to start a conversation and communication of ideas with other people, as that’s what the platform was initially built for — a medium to explore opinions and ideas.

Though I hope someday, we are able to see specific features where we could directly add our narration in the work we write rather than importing an embed into Medium. That feature would really be helpful for writers who want to voice their writing. It could definitely allow them to become more confident, in expressing themselves in a humble and fair manner that can also ensure transparency for the words they write and the ideas they express over greater volumes.

Though, I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Failure is something I aspire to experience in life as it has taught me to motivate myself and others around me. Having ADHD does cause me problems at times but my hyperactivity helps me at times to write content that really helps to feel my disorder like a superpower that I can rely on meanwhile writing content that actually connects with people.

During this pandemic, I found Medium as a place that made me balance my routine, my sleeping patterns, and everything around it. It has helped to keep track of time, and how to micro-manage it and moreover given me a break so that I’m able to do something productive rather than the latter.

Thank you for the fantastic work, the medium team puts in to make this platform a spectacular place to write in. I have been on many networks and built many smaller communities, but I have found medium to be a place that has surprised me so far.

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!

Peace, Love, and Happiness onto You!

Riku Arikiri

i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

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