A Free Verse Poem towards the appreciation of Geometry and Mathematics

Geometry, thy symmetry is one that bewilders everyone
you tread the shapes, in such a fashion that inspires a passion in us all
we wonder at the marvel you weave, as the events that unfold
a sense of amazement, and thrill that you bestow upon us

A child can fold a piece of paper, and perhaps make a boat — you bring him joy, as he runs around like a sailor in his mind
Then he folds the boat perhaps again into another —taking the form of a plane, that then soars the skies as the wind carries it above

He looks to the sky, zooming his hands as if they were a lens of glass — tracking the plane as it moves along the wind that sprites a joy
Somehow, this way he aspires perhaps to one day reach the cool chilly breeze, that touches the tip of the plane, by the significance through geometry

Thus a hope begins anew, as a tangent towards fulfillment — the boy might weave and tailor within himself a passion to honor your gifts, therein

Oh geometry, you mathematical miracle — you just keep inspiring us all to make use of what just fits, Girih patterns that store answers for it all

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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