For a girl, I’ve never met;

Riku Arikiri
1 min readNov 3, 2023
Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

You’re there when I need it.
I know its been a while, since we last talked.
But I know how you really are.
You shy away in times of spite,
because you really know what time is right
You can sometimes, be uptight
when I ask you to come by, my side
Well I guess we will never know,
Your smile, your eyes, and your heart of gold
Like an apparition that haunts my soul
You remain in the dark, I do not know
Yet I still hope, you might reprise
The role I need, the hope only you can provide
I wish somedays, you honestly take that step
Into my arms, knowing only solace
The one I yearn, and the one you know
the warmth I need, and the spark you behold.
Maybe someday, we might come across
a little too late, but perhaps its just a thought
Like the one I have, that I often forget
When I do not know, who you’re behind my back.
But maybe its for the best, as you say.
One can not love thee, who doesn’t regret.



Riku Arikiri

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.