Egg boy was one of my favorite nursery rhymes when i was a kid growing, imagining standing among the crowd while Mr. Humpty “EggBoy” jumped from the wall because of peer pressure. There are many visualizations to the story of Humpty Dumpty, although i’d definitely walk upon one such interpretation.

Disclaimer: Following contents would seem pretty jarring

I have seen a few people who would definitely fit Humpty Dumpty’s premise, but won’t be attributed towards the clumsiness of the character. I believe in the nursery rhyme, he’s probably ridiculed for his nature… therefore out of necessity he becomes or pretends to hide his sadness or guilt of being shown that way, thus creating his persona of this clumsy mischievous fool causing a ruckus everywhere, because then people around him would not see his anxiety or stress, or the sheer trauma he probably would have faced.

Humpty standing on the wall, feels like a suicide attempt or a state of sheer hopelessness clouded by clumsiness meanwhile the people and the kingsmen who stand below are mostly witnesses (unaware) and the people who might have caused him to stress upon in creating such a situation.

I have known a few people quite like Humpty Dumpty, although adding humor into the poem feels like a quick laugh but the irony is that most people who laughed wouldn’t actually realize the after effects of that belittling on an actual person. I’m sure upon inspection we can actually see that Humpty Dumpty might have tripped but yeah that was probable, if you look at it logically there can be any number of conclusions that could have happened.

The key things i believe however to take away from such a poem is that all that glitters is not gold, perhaps sometimes you have to see beyond the facade, to actually know what a person is going through. There can be many probable reasons, but the best way is to just go and talk to the other person. Sometimes, suicides like these can be prevented. Sometimes, we aren’t so lucky, as we aren’t there to stop such. And sometimes, any number of false actions triggered through such a choice can inevitably become your demise.

Have you ever closely thought about each poem that you were told as a kid? Understanding them now will probably help you realize something profound, although they should have been explained clearly through proper storytelling that builds someone’s character rather than adding mischief and ridicule in one’s self.

Another aspect i think we should take away is that if we make such an attempt, or make such actions there will always be consequences, that can threaten our existence. There knowing our mortality on what we can and can not do is another instance which preferably should be taken seriously at times. Because Humpty, was never ready to face such a conundrum that couldn’t be helped because of his foolish nature. And the people who probably were trying to get him back together were the people who loved Humpty Dumpty, but he was gone into despair that far that he wasn’t able to know whether they existed or not.

“So, I believe the actual humor in this piece is people never realizing such facts of how most writers back then used to encode profound philosophies into such simple yet entertaining pieces of prose that contained a lot of meanings for those who could decipher” — perhaps a quick laugh for many!

Thank you for sharing such wise words! Terry! ❤

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!


It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.