Don’t Give a Shit, about College!

I too remember the time when I applied for college, it was persuaded by my dad; he wanted me to join a “top tier” university, although my experience said otherwise. And so i did, and well it wasn’t as expected as everything is so much exaggerated.. your dream school would be where you learn, um time to wake up folks, it’s a dream!

It is said, that most institutions are exaggerated too much. So you have to be careful when you apply to a certain school. Expectations do tend to sway you for a little while, but college life might trap you forever

if you aren’t careful. So always be willing to fail a few steps when you start learning, it might take more time to pass but it’ll give you the advantage of knowing, in ways you never thought possible plus it’ll help you later in life.

Starting out is always the hardest, new friends, shyness not being able to handle other people’s expectations of you. Your peers, and your teachers but it doesn’t need to be that way.. you can have your own time, instead of chasing the crowd which trust me “every one is doing, trying to fit into clubs, groups etc..” that you will most definitely see, every club would be aching to fill its ranks with members(slaves)… College seems to be a noose, that gets tied to your neck as soon as you leave school, well it doesn’t have to be that way, take some time off, trust me you aren’t ready yet, as you haven’t lived fully, go outside, travel and maybe even start a job to pay your bills, become somewhat independent, from everyone around you.. it is better than going into college right away and wasting your precious time when all it amounts to regret afterward..

“Although going late into college would be so bad, your high school friends have graduated by then” the dilemma that your parents and your peers will shove at your face… Here’s an advice, it’s your life. You will have your own time, start to decide what you want in life and work for it every day, daily. And Not “give a shit” the abilities, and tolerance you will build before going to college will set you apart from the people who are there with you, Experiences are gained through exposure, not age, therefore exposing yourself to more uncomfortable situations, and you will learn in time.”

You will meet some people during college and in life, who would contrast and compare their achievements with yours, Call it insecurity that they can’t fathom your awesomeness(pun intended), which you highly doubt yourself.. Here’s something you should consider when dealing with such people.

Lastly, there is a time and place for everything and if you don’t get the chance, well then make one.. you can doubt or become lost in self-doubt, and be your ultimate critic, but remember don’t criticize efforts, when you haven’t even tried action first… Because sitting around contemplating what would happen, it’s better to go see it, yourself in real-time and hey if you make it out, alive.. come tell me how it went, I’ll be thrilled to hear those experiences in the responses…

P.S get out of your comfort zone!! Cheers and Have Fun!

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.