Despair, & Anguish; Revisit Part IV

The search for Companionship

Companionship is a long distressful journey full of sorrows, we yearn for; the key element in our life that can truly help us live it proactively. We are social beings. In Life, from childhood till Adulthood we dream to thrive in frugal companionship with the many people we come across in our lives. The promises made, and never fulfilled; the unrequited compassion and love for our friends. Truly, it is one of the worst feelings that make us depressed, anxious and miserable. For people, who give their all but never get acknowledged for their efforts are the ones who suffer the most in life. In a world, where “Greed” & “Lust” control the hearts of men and women; it subsequently ruins the essence of companionship among people who are either in a Friendship, Partnership, Relationship, & Parenthood.

Misery, & Despair can get the best of you, it can definitely break you, and you will become weak and insignificant towards your self-image i.e. your true self will diminish. Our obsession with the connection that thrives from companionship can inevitably cause us to suffer from a lot of promises unfulfilled. Such misfortunes can cause a lot of anguish for us, it can definitely break our faith in people. Such moments are truly depressing, where one wants to just sit alone, engulfed in despair… in those moments, despair seems like a consuming force that chews away at the hope that kept you alive… it breaks your tears away, from the eyes that carried hope. Thus, you feel betrayed, & lost in the aftermath of such an event.

When we simply give more in friendship, we give all our love away to our companions; it seems one-sided at times… but we truly realize this when we truly leave their side to know that they never were one! There is an equal balance in companionship. Love, Compassion, & Acceptance are some of the few things that are fostered through true Companionship. When our hearts are shrouded by “Greed”, we lose our true friends as we fail to see who actually matters to us, and who doesn’t.

We’re all after the same thing i.e. an acceptance towards ourselves that thrives from understanding, an essence of harmony that rekindles the flames of companionship. Companions can give each other a small purpose that can go a long way in rejuvenating their broken souls, repairing their inner self that has been damaged through the many people that have come before them… & cultivating promises and values that aim to promote well being and prosperity among us all. Bringing pleasure and an uninterrupted sense of joy which fosters an enigmatic flare that changes our entire spectrum of how we view things in our life… allowing us to change our fates & blessing us with free will, that expands our horizons and our choices. Doing so brings blessings towards us, in everything we do for the people we love, and adore; true happiness that comes from giving each other without any filter.

The search for companionship can be a very tiring & hard one, yet it is a promising journey and a well rewarding one!

Kermit & Fozzy said it best! Take your time & listen to the wise words!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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