Dear Isek,

I hope you’re well. Ramadan Mubarak! Fasting has just started, so the festive days have just began, where the body recovers from the hell i put it through usually… balance of both, food, and lifestyle… is definitely a great way to adjust your body, soul and mind. It is one of the few months, that i definitely enjoy, as it brings a sense of joy, and compassion that helps me to relax freely. It is definitely one such month of the year, that definitely gives me the hope to enjoy my life freely, without worries. Although it is definitely hard, but most definitely rewarding with benefits it showers us with. I’m honored to have been able to be bestowed upon with such heartwarming thoughts and expressions from yourself. They definitely made me blush, as most compliments do, in my scenario. I enjoy the little things in life, even when it comes to compliments, that’s rare! What’s also rare is people being able to relate to what i write, although i write to spread, a sense of understanding that correlates with the human soul. That seems to be my goal, to have the opportunity to understand and also give people the chance to show their perspectives, because it helps us to connect with our deeper selves… in a harmonious manner.

I believe that affection, and love can be given freely, can be given more… but there are only a few who actually understand what love truly is… Most people generally, want a physical connection, but never truly understand what a connection can give them, if they try to push towards having a connection that is spiritual in nature. Although, i on the other hand, am just a man writing away his experiences, whether despair, or misery… peace & chaos, love and affection, i have found that there is a deep simplicity in life that correlates with our unconscious selves, and i just trust the process, and give people the opportunity to witness such things that i have witnessed, so that they are able to feel the love and affection, and even the courage it takes for one to conquer true despair!

It is a very, weird feeling, peace i.e. at times it feels so empty, and calm its hard to differentiate whether it’s real or not. Oh but its real, its just overwhelming at times, or at first… but it quickly adjusts to your lifestyle… and thus accessing it is fairly simple to balance your life style and also give you the essence of making people feel the true sense of connection that stems from the fabric of creation.

Hoping to listen to you more, patiently waiting for your kind remarks!

Kind regards, with warm hugs!

Riku Arikiri

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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