Dear Isek Dinesen, There is much to learn from everyone… we all have something truly special about ourselves that we need, to explore in our lifetimes… and if we’re lucky enough to have tried every measure to expose ourselves to experiences in our lifetimes then we would truly be able to understand and reflect upon what we can offer to one another… it is just one of the simplest of things we need to figure out on our own… but it doesn’t mean that we are alone. We are always together, with the hopes and prayers of people who bless us. Age is but a factor, through which we measure our time here… but the place we will go on to afterward, is a place where time and space is just something else entirely… I believe we all have the opportunity to experience everything when we’re ready… and the time comes to the people who wait, and take the opportunity when it knocks on their door.

There is a simplicity to sharing the entirety of one’s self with someone. It causes you to feel a sense of bonding, and longing that can be explained as one of the truest forms of understanding and acceptance. Where you don’t need filters, where even a judgement gives direction, & not ridicule. Where you feel the need to express yourself freely, i believe acceptance is universal when it comes to truly appreciating someone… it might seem tiring at times… but we can say that we can always become someone that can give others the empathy and companionship they deserve… and yearn for in their lifetimes. Intimacy is just that, it gives you the opportunity to give someone more, where you receive the feedback through your efforts, if the other person who’s receiving it; accepts it and welcomes thy efforts!

Stay blessed, and i honestly, enjoyed your perspective! would love to listen to more of your thoughts and perspectives! Good afternoon from this side, and Good night towards yours! as well!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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