Dear Isek

As always, Thank you🙏 so much for the kind remarks! and the absolutely tranquil feedback!

Indeed, there is peace in showing kindness. As peace relates to comforting, giving, and receiving it. We all share the purpose of rejuvenating ourselves with each other’s experiences. In doing so, we can relate to the sentiment,

We are not alone, we’re all in this world together!

We can help each other by showering our experiences, our strengths and our weaknesses, and the ordeals that we experienced to overcome those struggles that helped us to become something more than we were ever before. Pain teaches you that there is something more to your mortal coil than just flesh and bone. It shows you an opportunity to harness yourself and help you in shedding the false skin, to help you become someone that can truly emerge as a victor in life, and death, and the hereafter.

On the other hand, Failure teaches you “freedom of choice”… if it didn’t work you can freely choose something new, something better perhaps that can help you in moving forward. It is both a mental struggle, a physical and even a spiritual one if you experience, a lifetime of traumas.

But I believe failure is necessary, in learning about yourself, in a way you never thought possible. Although it does get depressing, it does get sad, and we all feel dead inside, but one thing I have learned is that time does tell, you and show you what you deserve and what you dream and wish for.

Our prayers are just the hopes that we carry with ourselves, it takes time just like on medium, there are so many people trying to share themselves, but they don’t get a chance just like in life, we try, we pray, we fail, and we move onward… we don’t let idle failures get the best of us. There’ll come a time when everyone would be at least appreciated, but alas we have to wait for that time to come & keep on shinning our light on others, because that is what matters, if people can have the opportunity to learn about life realistically, they will able to conquer many things they never thought possible.

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show our darkness, as well. Because even in our darkness, lies an eternal peace that eats your freedom of choice, away at the cost of giving you peace. It is definitely like an eternal slumber… and we will someday join that place until we meet in the hereafter… & Honestly, I’m not much worried. I have a myriad of reasons to be happy, and thus I’ll share them in time with everyone around me!

We all give parts of ourselves when we write, and some accept it, and some reject it. But hopefully one day, we might have those few people who will understand, and feel happy that they aren’t alone and that is what companionship offers through writing. A sense of understanding, nurturing and sharing each other’s griefs, happiness, and sadness through thick and thin.

I hope you’re happy, patiently waiting for your words of wisdom, comfort, and joy! P.S been struggling from some past and present depressions and some life ordeals that i am writing about but hopefully, i believe people can inevitably change, it takes a lot of time & thus we need to adamant in seeing it through till the end, and never give up on that resolve.

Stay blessed, Stay Safe!

Peace🕊️ , Love❤️, & Happiness😊 to you and everyone around you!


It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.